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Here are some things to know:

  • LEAN22 starts 12/15/21 and last for 12-months.
  • Self-Love + Sales starts Feb 2022 and is a 3-month program
  • Self-Worth Retreat is year round. Anytime.
  • VIP Private Coaching is year round and you can learn more about it here.

A community of women and support. An amazing journey is offered for you and your thriving business. (3 months)

Your self-love is tied to your sales process and structure. Receive the blueprint that your soul carries to breakthrough to having the 5 to 6 figure months. You're showing up without limitations. Breaking the mind patterns so you can step into a private jet and take on an empire of a lifetime. Your dreams are available and this year, you'll taste it with ease. 

This is your chance to meet a group of women that are able to support each other and offer tools, skills, and resources. 

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I was able to live out my future self now. I was able to step into my power and ask for love, respect, money, and all of the things that I lived without. (2-Days)

Show up fully in love and in business with confidence. Receive the love that you've been dreaming of and the respect and care that you deserve. Enjoy this amazing retreat where we take a step by step approach to healing self-worth for good. This is the breakthrough method! VIP Experience. Self-worth will help you meet and attract the love that your body and soul craves. It helps you make the money and ask for it from clients during a sales call. 

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