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Today I posted a welcome audio on my podcast page. It was an opportunity to explain where I am in my transition. Many of you know that I've talked about making Smart Love Moves, however, I've recently decided to expand my dealing and offer you so much more than before.

In being a health professional, it is important to help you in your journey in many different ways. Thus, leaving room for doing more and giving you more content that can help you up-level as the years' pass will be a great benefit to you. 

This is a short post this time around as I am in the middle of creating a meal plan and fitness routine for obese adolescents that are ready to take action. Their parents will be advised of this program and will be able to read through its portions. I encourage you to open your mind and heart and learn more about foods that can enrich your life and help you to feel well and whole.

Be kind to one another! 

With love and support,

Dr. E

Peace With Self


Peace With Self

Peace with the SELF starts with transparency. If you can be honest with your SELF about your truths, your way of thinking and being, your joy, your anguish, your rage, your fear, your happiness or what your relationship with LOVE looks like - then you can be left with comfort. There is comfort in peace. Peace in knowing who you are, even if you don’t know where you’re going.

In your journey you will find opportunities to be an observer of the SELF. You are not to be judge or jury, but are to act as a Self-Love Offical and only observe your movements. When you are a judge you create space to stay hindered, and you may hope for more but feel slow in movement or stuck. What if you became an observer of the SELF? As an observer you automatically walk in LOVE, and in that space you are LOVE. And love breeds flow of MOVEMENT. 

Since you are the manager of the SELF it is your duty to report any mishaps or hinderances to The Self for evaluation. You then make the changes that need to be made and you keep moving!

Forgiveness of the SELF is a liberating state and allows you to move forward with ease. If ever not dealt with, it can cause a sickness of the spirit. You deserve the best that you can offer.

Meditation is the link to hearing what your higher self is saying, needing, thinking and feeling. This link is a connection to all that’s needed to assist you in your journey. Learn to meditate and don’t give up. There are 5 basic mediation styles. Learn each one in a one-on-one session with me; and start building a solid foundation with your SELF today. Each meditation style serves a different purpose and you’ll meditate with more ease. 

So let’s recap some important tools in the Peace With Self.

  • Transparency in all things big and small
  • You are the manager of the SELF
  • You are only to be an observer
  • Love breeds change
  • Forgiveness of the SELF liberates your spirit and prepares you for movement
  • Meditation is the link to what your higher SELF is saying

Remember that patience and courage are necessary ingredients that help achieve the required results. 

If you’re longing for help to have Peace with the Self, and you’re ready for a change - send me a message and receive your Complimentary Discovery Session

With Love....

Your Life + Love Coach,

Dr. E

Affirm The NOW!


Affirm The Now came from a belief and daily practice of affirming yourSELF in the ways that your SELF is calling for.For instance, a week ago I became hard on myself and my bff stopped me and said, “You’re a perfectionist and you do your best, and I understand you’re striving for more, but affirming where you are is the right thing to do.” Of course I know this and you do too. However, sometimes we just simmer in a space too long and someone or something looking from the outside in says, “Hey! Look at the now.” She proceeded to say, “I know you already know this, but I needed to tell you.”

I have my moments too when I realize that I have to snap myself back into position. And then there are other moments when I realize the ‘snapping back into position' requires some outside love. 

There was a time when I would have loved to be here. That is ‘Affirming The Now.’ You are then better able to accept where you are now. The universe can give you more when you appreciate yourself in this space. We know this... We’ve heard it before, and yes, we need to hear it again and again and again. As many times over. 

On some level we ALL talk down to ourselves. Or don’t talk ourselves up enough - if at all. There are times where you will write a letter to yourself and it will be a negative love letter. It is designed to push you to be better and do better. Then there are times when you will write a positive letter, which affirms you and repositions your movement. 

Here are some affirmations that I’ve heard others use and some I may have used myself: 

  • I am good enough.
  • I’m smart enough.
  • I value my input.
  • I attract the things I desire. 
  • I deserve a profitable business.
  • I’m smart and I know what I’m doing.
  • I may not know what I’m doing, but I trust this silly ass process. 
  • I may not know what I’m doing, but I trust this process. (Yes, I wrote it w/out the ‘ass’ in there.)
  • I deserve good things. 
  • Good things come to me and I am mindful of those things. 
  • I’m brave.
  • I’m wise.
  • I’m strong.

Write down what you need to hear and say it to yourself. Repeat it like it’s a mantra you long to manifest. Allow it to become your reality. 



We Say GoodBye To Our Lovers.....

We’ll miss you until we don’t. We’ll love you until we don’t. We’ll send you light and love until we don’t. 

We’ll miss you until we don’t. We’ll love you until we don’t. We’ll send you light and love until we don’t. 

Lovers are like angels that are sent from heaven to wake us up to an experience worth every second. Their face will always be remembered in the blink and closure of both eyes, and yet forgotten with one blink with both eyes open once again. Unless you daydream with your eyes open, in which case, you can see them and visualize them happy while walking out in the sun. 

Lovers can be very short term or long in years. It varies on the life cycle of the bond. Once the relationship has served its purpose, the lovers walk separately to meet their future with their heartache. The heartache subsides leaving only memories. Memories fade unless you hold them tightly, it which case, you run the risk of holding on to ‘what was' and not allowing 'what is' to satisfy you. 

Lovers come quick and out of no where and then leave you wandering with uncertainty. We send them good wishes and remember why they weren’t the best fit. Or we wonder what could have been had they considered us the best fit. But they didn’t. And we didn’t. So it isn’t and what could have been - is not. 

We then close out those stories and those chapter with ease... Knowing that all of it was for your highest good and where you are going needed this experience to ensure wholeness - for your future dealings. 

Its time to let past lovers go. Your future awaits you now! Read my secret to understanding your past, current and future relationships.

Sending Light + Love to ALL of our Lovers, Goodbye to you! We wish you well!

Elsie Blass

Love Coach Diaries: Rapid Fire Questions

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I believe feeling alive has a lot to do with adventure, healing, leaving people, places and things behind. Feeling alive has so much to do with experiencing things that are meaningful. 

I remember what it was like to feel dead or more so like I was dying. My core needed to feel alive and I was willing to lose everything just to lose that feeling. 

What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel dead inside? We can long for the feeling that the word alive brings; but will we move toward it with FULL force? 

Dr. EL 


I feel empowered, electric, alive, the most ME when… I’m teaching during a coaching session and my client has an ‘aha moment’ or a genius take away. I’m grateful to say, they receive something in every session. They can’t leave without it...I won’t let allow it. ;) 

I feel restricted when… I’m too busy to breathe. Or eat. Or stretch. Or call/text my lover.

I’m inspired by… Clean, modern architecture. Music. Paintings. Quotes. Poetry. Complex ideas, articulated in the fewest possible words. Athletes. Dancers. Actors. Anyone who’s capable of memorizing names, song lyrics + speeches. Love. Enlightenment. Sex + the healing power of touch. 

The one thing I am unethical in and unapologetic about is... Going into the public bathroom and using the handicap stall. I do it 99.9% of the time and I haven’t encountered anyone who may have needed it. I pay attention every time. It’s the one unethical thing I chose to do. I hate feeling confined in a stall and closed in. I guess it’s my way of honoring how I want to feel when I pee. 

My current mantra/ affirmation is… “My brain retains information easily and smoothly.”

with love,