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Worthiness Workshop

Worthiness and stability were the two things that I craved on a soul level. 

My relationship with myself, my intimate relationships, and my relationship with my business needed these two things from me. 

'Self' will call you to submit to healing these two areas. 



Receive instant access to my online business retreat and workshop. Choose your location (home, office, hotel, beach, private plane).
Get ready to deep dive into your business and into yourself. Explore yourself and begin your journey of a soulful and spirit-led business.

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Blass Coaching Styles

Group Coaching

Masterminds allow personal upgrades and expansions while meeting new friends and learning from others. Saving you time and energy.

Do It Yourself

DIY and self-coaching are available with digital learning tools and resources allowing for personal development on your own time and in your own growth timeline.  

VIP Sessions

One-on-one sessions and tailored experiences are a great way to build mastery.

Specializing in self-love requires that my commitment to you is a reflection of my own self-love commitments.

I am committed to my internal and external upgrades. Whether it is my personal life or concerning my business.

With this comes the commitment to help you experience a massive change in your own personal life and business expansions.

I am so excited to offer this expression of love to you!

Personal Upgrades & Soul Therapy

All programs include the energetic therapy experience. Learn about quantum leaping, meditation, EFT Tapping, stretching techniques that play a roll in changing the biology and chemistry of the body - allowing you to be a whole new person. A NEW version of you. An upgraded and healed soul. In addition, all programs include the exclusive Self-Love Therapy Program that has allowed over 1000 participants to explore and heal Self. 


Why Blass Coaching?

Listening to my clients is a tool that is used. The skill is in the framework of what is being said. With each word and sentence, I bring forth the core of the message. The core of the issue. Then I bring forth the solution(s). 

Coaching with an educational background in psychology, and a PhD in the core of body's function (health psychology), and behavior change on a cell level is brought to each session. 

Mental health overrides to ensure that your health of mind and body are solidified in the healing process. 

Certifications in relationship coaching, intimacy coaching, and meditation are all tools to qualify instant results. 

The best factor overall is a commitment to asking the right questions that will lead you through to your transformation. With intuitive thinking and 14 years in the industry of self-modification, its a win. 

In addition, this gift was passed down from my grandparents, who were also relationship coaches and consultants. They'd take me on house call visits to heal and talk things though with family and friends. They were the 'go to person' for guidance and wisdom. This is now my passion. 

Whether its your relationship with a partner, work, or your business venture, I'm here to help you become magnetic. 

Create magnetic content, have magnetic communication, and use these new skills to captivate any audience, find a partner, re energize your current relationship, or create content that converts to sales. 

A magnetic you starts within. From your thoughts, words, feelings, vibration, and the way you move your body - it is all used to captivate. I'll share more in our first session. 

This level of coaching is as 'Above Average' is stated, however, this portion is more about the quality and readiness of my own soul. 

Some coaches struggle with certain aspects of their journey and are not free from parts of their own Self that can truly hold a high-level container, for you. 

When the soul has too much struggle it is restricted in allowing growth opportunities for you. This is why I would outgrow my coaches and therapist so quickly. 

I am very much intunded with my own self-love journey and specialize in behavior change. My standards for my own soul are very high. You need not worry about this. This is just something that keeps me in line. I know that I am a vessel to be used to give you the message that your soul craves. I take this very seriously. So much so, that clarity comes to me so easily. Wisdom is a gift and I honor the messages that come through. 

When you're called for something, it chooses you. This path chose me and I'm grateful to be here today helping you thrive in a large capacity. You deserve it. And I'm available to see it through. 

"Elsie has been instrumental in helping me achieve personal and relationship goals. Her wonderful intuitive nature has guided me beautifully to bring out the real me of my soul. I am moving through an incredibly positive time in my life. Finally unstuck and ready to take in all that God and my life have prepared for me. Thank you a million times Elsie. "

Diane Vivian
Website Designer

"Working with Elsie has been an empowering experience like no other, her professionalism and insightful knowledge are second to none. If you seek personal improvement for yourself, Elsie is blessed with the gift to transform love for one another."

Conrad Caples

"I find Elsie to be my quiet oasis. Time spent with her is like going on a retreat - I leave her feeling so energized and positive about what is next. I haven't seen her in a while, and I miss that!!!"

Hope Elliott
Grant Writer

"I am definitely feeling a vibrational up level just by being in this group! The support in here is phenomenal and I am so grateful for it every single day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

Shivon Martin
Relationship Coach

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