139. A Healing Meditation - Healing The Self w/Love

Season #10

A Spanish style meditation inspired by my family roots. Spend time with Self and God and enjoy the gentle love that the Holy Spirit has for you in each cord and string and sound that simplifies the journey within. Forgive, forget, refresh, review, cleanse, clear, close, deep dive, venture the surfaces or depths of your soul and time here on earth.

Crystalize the peace and make magic with what lies ahead. It is all up to you. 

Dedicated to my mother, father, grandparents (Lucy, Richie, Lydia, Nancy, and Willie) Thank you, Grandpa Willie for helping me with this track.

Multiple instruments were used, sound bowl included to clear the mind, allowing new fresh energy to flow, and resets you with ease.


Sit quietly with your eyes closed or have moments or a session where you allow yourself to move and dance within each piece of healing energy of God's magical love. Stretch or lean into each movement that you feel intuitively to do. 

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Let's dive into today's episode. 

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