129 - Gain Back Time & Expand It Masterclass & Session

Season #9

Vulnerability with Self. Why Delegating Task Gives You Energy. Letting go of being and doing it all. You're a lot stronger when you are wise and full of flow and overflow. Everyone needs help and love and we continue to not take up too much space in our relationships and household. Maybe because we don't feel safe.

Maybe because we feel that we can't. If you don't start taking up space today then you're going to lose the chances that you can take to move ahead.

It's time to do what we haven't done or haven't wanted to do or say or be.

Sometimes it takes a minute (meaning it takes 30 days or a little more) to fully step into a new reality as you are implementing the thoughts that are new and fresh and aligned with your desires.

Hold steady and do one of these things today:

• Create and follow through with new boundaries. Enforce with force. Meaning persevere and push through the discomfort of your will, your fears, and the reactions others may offer in response to your new safety lines and measures.

• Release and let go. Let go and release control, but take control by letting go of what you're not receiving at this moment in time from any one source, person, place, or thing.

• Live today for tomorrow. Live properly today so that tomorrow you can reap your rewards. Live positive today and see your tomorrow change. Save money today, and see it in the account tomorrow. Building and building one day on top of the other. With peace and ease.

• Know that business is hard. Showing up sometimes can be hard. Be willing to go through the fire for your message and your great work. Be willing to go through the hard times. There are tons of hard times and yes, things are great and money is amazing, and yet we have to remember that peace and prosperity are both equally important. Always chase your peace and your peace will prosper you.

This week's affirmations!

❤︎ I am making more time for 'me.'

❤︎ I am acknowledging new ways to save myself time energy, and money.

❤︎ I am delegating things to others more and more and it feels so good to have more time.

❤︎ I am requesting and requiring others to contribute to my well-being by being safe people for me to love.

❤︎ I am showing others that I respect my time and that my time is sacred. At work. At school. At home. Everywhere.

❤︎ I am showing up for myself in new and powerful ways.

❤︎ I am no longer allowing people to take advantage of me.

❤︎ I see things and lovingly call them out and then set boundaries that I stick to with force.

❤︎ I have my time back. Brain, help me to get my time back from ways it no longer needs to be distributed.

❤︎ I have money. I have peace. I have time. I have my beauty. I have my mind.

❤︎ I am joy. I am peace. I am love. I am solid. I am emotionally stable. I am mentally stable. I am spiritually stable. I am financially stable.

Let's dive into today's episode.

Where to next? ⤵️