I have a lot of MAGIC to show you. 

My name is Elsie Blass. I teach Self-Relating Modification and Behavior Change using my Self-Love Therapy Program (2017), which I discovered from my Ph.D. dissertation research, and time at Walden University.

I awaken the soul to receive massive wealth in the lives of my clients.

Healing trauma, transitioning the mind out of fear, lack, unworthiness, scarcity, and blockage that keeps the mind from breaking through the glass ceiling.

I had BIG DREAMS and struggled to UNLOCK my financial wealth and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual STABILITY

I wanted peace of mind in my relationships, my money flow, my business, and within myself.

Wealth and success are your birthrights. So how do you finally break free and take back power?

You'll receive access to 5-modules that cater to your internal and physical wealth upgrades and expansion.


"Hey, Icon!"

The original ICON Program called "Hey, Icon!" became a spin-off and into a 5-day training called ICON MASTERCLASS. I've pulled out what you need most to get you started and into energetic financial freedom. The original program is a 5-month VIP Program designed to help you fulfill your call with ease. Unlock your full potential and have a wealthy life and thriving business with marketing and sales strategies that lead to massive income. 

*You'll receive a credit of $997 toward the "Hey, Icon!" program when you purchase the ICON Masterclass.

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Your Inner ICON Unleashed

Learn to play with your birthright and have fun building wealth. Build your personal brand and trademark. Step into feeling worthy and expect massive growth after our masterclass.

Wealth Codes Unleashed

Beautiful resources that you're going to love using. Increase financially. Advance your career. Collapse the timeline. Transition your mind to wealth.

Rapid Freedom Technique

The Freedom and Discovery module gives you laser vision tools. What's really lurking in the shadows of the subconscious mind. Absorb your NEW life with ease.

Worthiness + Brand Building

Showcase your authenticity. Unafraid to powerfully expose your truth and ability to transform not only your life but the lives you're meant to serve.

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  • 5 Training Modules
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  • Four 60-Minute Session
  • 5 Training Modules
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