Comfort, Stability, Freedom and Upgrades


"Hey, Icon!" Are you ready for a mentor and a program that you can rely on? 

You're ready to increase money flow, collapse time, feel good about your new mindset and views of self. You're ready to shift your energy, give to family, friends, and your community. You're ready to take care of yourself on a whole other level. Like some real high purchases! You want to have a proven strategy and offer that will continue to bring in more and more income

Effortless flow is what you're seeking. Something stable and something that you can rely on. We're naturally programmed to seek comfort, stability, and freedom. And now, you're going to do something about it. 

Self-Love That Translates Into Sales

  • Step into the ICONIC You
  • Be seen and heard
  • Be reverenced, respected, honored and loved
  • Unlock your wealth codes
  • Emotional freedom, mental strength, and belief that translates into your daily iconic actions 
  • Quit sharing time with your employer
  • Have free-time
  • You're about to get inside your new delicious car
  • Sit on a balcony overlooking the ocean with your sweet booty cheeks out
  • Your driver picks you up to take you and your loved ones to have breakfast at an expensive restaurant 
  • Buy luxury homes and furniture, rent out one or two of them
  • Take care of your family, give to charity, and take care of your community

Proven ICON Strategy 

There are so many strategies that exist in the world. Which one is right for you? Crack the code to your ideal way to increase money, be seen, increase sales, and open the door to more. We'll prove the strategy within our 5-months of mentoring. 

ICON Money Flow Increase

Clear energy, close out any lingering money stories, increase self belief and confidence, and collapse time tools and exercises are right at your finger tips. Feel abundant and feel worthy of receiving more. The increase is here and available for you NOW. 

Embody The ICON Body

Weekly Mentorship sessions with exercises that help you embody the version of you that holds the details that you may be missing in your personal time. We lock in on what works for your specific personality type. Bring your vision of self to life with the 'Embody Icon' module

Plug Into Your ICONIC Magic

You have a personalized secret and offer deep inside of you. You are magical, powerful, and energetically exciting.

You've always loved money and what it can provide you. That's GREAT! Me too! I love it!

Dreaming of what you would spend it on and who you would give it away to. 

It's so amazing to have that feeling of receiving large sums of money from clients or receiving it as a gift from the ones you love.

Generate More Money

Even transferring large sums of money from one of your bank accounts to another so you can feel a particular bank account increase for your other vision(s). 

How delicious!

Make Magic Happen At Record Speed!

You're giving yourself permission today to cross over and be the NEW self. To run your business how you want to. To be a better parent. To build your stage with support. To manifest the right people. It's all magic, babe!

ICON MAGIC Journal Prompts:

  • "I give myself permission to _______." 
  • "I know I'm meant to _______."
  • "The icon in me knows that _______."
  • "I am magnetically drawing in ______."

With each session, you'll bring forth more and more of the icon in you. 

The ICON in you is standing up inside saying, "YES, I'm ready and available."

You're magic! And you're plugging into YOU! "The ICON!"

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Eight Modules: Each module will bring a high return on your investment. Taking you through the steps to success and a magnetic mind. 

To ensure that you stay in a high frequency, you can reach out daily for additional support.

Worthiness + Self-Esteem

You're worthy! Your destiny, your desire, your pleasure, and your passion will align to your success vibrations. You'll do what you love without limitation. It is installed in you and will surface. "I act from a place of desire. I run my company from desire."

Self-Love For Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs face opportunities to have a trauma release. When we rise to go higher, we're faced with trauma that needs to be cleared from the body. Release and elevate you to your full potential. 

Overcome Money Mindset Limitations

Each time you decide to raise your financial energetic frequency, you'll be able to come back to this module for next-level support in breaking-free. A stable mind starts here. Wealth is the energy moving in your body.

Clear Energy Leaks + Spiritual Blocks

There are leaks from upbringing, leaks from ancestors given thorough the bloodline, and for some, past lives. These will be cleared and the path of movement will be available. More magic and more love.

Relationship Success 

You come from a place of desire and choice.  Sometimes our personal relationships feel less than iconic. You'll upgrade your relationships with more ease. You'll be treated like the icon that you are. You'll be seen for our value and passion, and purpose. You'll honored and respected.

Create A Grand Slam Offer + Sales Method

Clear the fear attached to your destiny. You're linked to a new business method that is inside of you and attached to your personal abundance codesCreate a 'Grand Slam Offer' that your ideal client will not be able to refuse. You'll know exactly what your offer will include. 

Crystal Clear Marketing Confidence

Market your offer with content that converts into sales. Market and sell your offer all while speaking to your ideal client. Mentorship with written content, video run-throughs, and audio podcasting and sales. Sell with confidence and self-permission.

Powerful Bonuses

Meditations and activations keep you in the frequency of positive money flow. It's hard and actually impossible to go back to lack when you stay close to your new frequency. Receive a FREE copy of my NEW book, "Hey, Icon!' A powerful self-help to help you plug into the icon in you.

ICONIC Success 

How you feel and what you think and the strategies that you need all play a role in either receiving or being stumped in any one mindset. No grind, no burnout, and you don't have to claw your way to the top

Take the number off of the pedestal. It's probably throwing you off. Just think about how you will show up. Think about how you feel. How would you behave differently if you were in your goal? Not right before the goal, but when you already have met the goal. What would you do differently? Do that. 

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  • 6-weeks of high-level 1:1 mentoring (2x a week)
  • 6-months total support
  • Videos and audio training
  • Proven 'personalized'  sales strategy
  • Money mindset makeover practice runs
  • Collapse time exercises and sessions
  • Increase daily, weekly, monthly revenue in a short amount of time
  • Clear energy and increase
Yes, I'm In!



  • 6-weeks of high-level 1:1 mentoring (2x a week)
  • 6-months total support
  • Videos and audio training
  • A proven 'personalized' sales strategy 
  • Money mindset makeover practice runs
  • Collapse time exercises and sessions
  • Increase daily, weekly, monthly revenue in a short amount of time
  • Clear energy and increase 
Yes, I'm In!