Sexual Desire After 40

Dec 04, 2022

Welcome back, Babes! 

You're doing great! Every day is a new day to try new things, become better within your self-love, and attract people, places, and things from an elevated place of being. 

Sending you love! 

Please share each self-love session you find helpful, entertaining, or just love! 

Together we can be a part of giving people hope, laughter, access to energetic abundance, and elevation for their daily living and for the release of their soul.

Often times we become captive with judgments about sex, pleasure, love, arousal, and so much more. 

But today, I would just like for you to love who you are, and what you're experiencing in your mind and body, and decide to either accept, exchange behaviors or thoughts for new ones that serve you and enjoy the process of your life here on earth in your earth suit. 

I'll see you in our next episode, next week. 

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