Exploring Your Self Confidence

self-confidence self-love membership Feb 06, 2022

The mind works in mysterious ways. Exploring our self-confidence comes from first entering the mind and i's thoughts about what self believes about self and the relationships self has with particular things. 

We also take into account the reflections and perceptions that others have concerning our personal interaction with these "particular things."

Our limitations and our blockages of self-love and self-confidence enter into a state of lack of love when we believe these false truths - "perceptions."

How unfair of those around us to push off their views of our own being. How unfair it is to limit SELF with our own limiting beliefs. 


This is normal behavior for a human experience. So then we ask ourselves, how can I create a healthy relationship with self-confidence? We explored that in the latest episode of Self-Love Therapy.

Self-confidence makes you feel alive. At times it comes naturally, like a default. Other times it has to be activated. It has to be activated by self-touch, self-hugs, talking to self, listening to self and how self feels, and taking care of how self looks each time this experience rises up for you. 

It has helped me tremendously. I am even very intuned with how my skin feels, how I feel on the inside, and what I know I can change at that moment for emotional enhancement. 

Your career path, money upgrades, and your relationships will benefit from the NEW relationship you will offer SELF concerning self-confidence

In my Self-Love Membership, I continue to help you keep up and enhance your self-confidence within all areas of your life - that are important to you. 

I send out weekly self-movements and enhancements that lead you to the path of internal and external freedom. It is a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical self-care membership. Offering you total love and support throughout the year. 

I really care about your self-love journey. I have seen the massive shifts and changes that this has provided me and all of my clients. 

We start on February 14th. You can join today and begin connecting with me and receiving FREE coaching messages to your inbox today! You'll receive tailored coaching and can begin implementing tools, skills, and strategies today. 

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 Change your life forever!

Love, Els


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