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Fulfill your dreams and reach big goals with Elsie Blass. Her expanded approach to living your dreams will help you take your love, relationships, business, and your life to the next level. Connect today to experience your New Fresh Energy.

Yes, I'm Ready!

Self Love Retreat & Membership

I'm celebrating you this month! Take a wonderful retreat experience with me as I join you on a self-love journey. Here is our itinerary.










Saturday 10am-1pm Est.

Self-Love Therapy: This month we are combining all three days into a one-day experience.

Enter code PEACE to receive 30% if you're a member or subscriber. Pay in full or payments will be adjusted. Contact for details.

 A 3-Day Retreat Experience

Welcome to a 3-day retreat with Bonus Sessions included. Our pre-retreat session will set the stage and allow me to learn more about your needs. I will then record a tailored audio/video and add it to your extraordinary retreat modules. After your 3-day experience, you'll receive 3 coaching sessions - making this a 30-day experience. 

In our pre-session, we'll determine if this retreat and 30-day transformation are right for you. If it isn't, you'll receive a full refund. 

My Promise!

  • Heal previous trauma or experiences
  • Walk and stand and feel fully confident 
  • Have rock solid self-worth
  • Create an easy and simple life
  • Clear out the sticky parts of your life. Feel great and at peace in your mind and in your body
  • The thing that is holding you down is no longer there
  • Have tailored beliefs that align with your personal life goals 
  • Get through inner blockages
  • Release some shit + feel free in your body

Self-Love Membership

As a thank you, you'll be automatically enrolled in my 3-month Self-Love Membership where you'll receive access to LIVE Monthly Zoom Calls and weekly Self-Love trainings that will help you ALL Year Long! Each week you'll share what you're going through that week and a tailored video and or audio will be posted in our Self-Love Membership for you to view. Can't wait to see you on the inside!


Self-Love Membership

A 3-month membership that includes weekly journaling prompts, monthly Zoom coaching calls, weekly training, and a lot of love, support, and a thriving community of women who are joining forces to up-level and gently move into the next version of them. We're here to help you thrive and help you build yourself to support your SELF, your family, and your community. Serving you on this journey is a gift that we appreciate. (Value $408)

Four VIP Sessions

First, we’ll connect in our pre-retreat session. Then we’ll have three VIP sessions that are post the retreat experience. This will allow me to catapult your journey and help you skyrocket to the next level of you. This will also help me connect with you personally on a deeper level - leaving me the opportunity to step into your journey and frequency. In turn, this allows me to tailor your experience in our Self-Love Membership. (Value $4,800)

3-Day Online Retreat

In this three-day retreat, you’ll learn how to take yourself through a process of continuous connection to self, healing and restoring self, and stepping into new energy. This is a three-step process that you’ll take with you in your everyday life for the rest of your life. You’ll know when it’s time. Self will call you to connect, identify, heal, shift, restore and refresh. These tailored methods will work for your personal language to soul. Your soul. (Value $1200). 



Life, Love, and Business Coaching 

Accelerate your life experience with special VIP coaching and 2x monthly group calls. Whatever you'd like support in and whatever your AMAZING GOAL(S) is, this membership will help you have the self-love foundation to sustain your personal and professional growth. 

Meet amazing new friends who understand running a business, maintaining a family, and taking care of their bodies. 

We talk sex, flexibility, extending your life expectancy, and so much more. 

Each month, you'll receive a podcast series that takes you through the process of making your dreams come true. As soon as you sign up, you'll receive immediate access to my 2022 Soul Dreams Podcast Series.


3-Day Online Retreat Included

Pay In Full


Top features

  • A 3-Day self-guided self-Love retreat (Value $3200)
  • Four weekly 60-minute sessions (Value $8,000) 
  • 3 modules: Each offering healing, explorations, and freedom. (Value $1200)
  • 12-Month Membership (Value $908)
  • Self-love, healing, and new energy
  • Bonuses ($800)

Total Value $14,108



$400/3 mon

Top features

  • A 3-Day self-guided self-Love retreat (Value $3200)
  • Four 60-minute VIP sessions (Value $8,000) 
  • 2 LIVE calls a month for 12-months (Value $3,600)
  • 3 modules: Each offering healing, explorations, and freedom. (Value $1200)
  • 12-Month Membership (Value $908)
  • Self-love, healing, and new energy
  • Bonuses ($800)

Total Value $14,108