Magnetic Empire Mentorship: One Night With The Queen Meditation

Mar 31, 2024
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Magnetic Empire Mentorship: One Night With The Queen Meditation
These affirmations were designed and taken from my client's journal writings. I've also created some for her with what I know she struggles with and some truths she can explore to continue shifting into her new identity. 
I have added a meditation that I created the last week of March. As you play the meditation, I encourage you to read allowed the affirmations below.
With Love,
Dr. Blass
Here are your 42 Identity Shift & Embodiment Affirmations:
  1. As a coach, I earn at least 10K a month on a regular basis.
  2. I embody my future self.
  3. I am disciplined and devoted to my health
  4. I stay organized with ease.
  5. When I am not organized, I lovingly and easily carve out time to realign and reorganize.
  6. I quickly notice when I am disorganized and am given the steps to organize the areas that need me most. 
  7. Whenever I need to get organized, people and things come into alignment to help me in other areas, so my focus can be put to use in organization. 
  8. I have structure in my life and it's okay when the structure needs restructuring. 
  9. I recharge myself whenever needed. I'm happy with my results. 
  10. I no longer live the hustle life and have taken on a peaceful life. The beach life. The island life. 
  11. I have a feminine and easy approach to motherhood, to business, to my career, to my daily tasks, and even all of my relationship encounters. 
  12. When or if my default of hustle and grind comes up for me, I settle my energy, my mind, and my actions (behaviors) to readjust to ease, peace, and relaxation. 
  13. I understand that I may need a little masculine energy to get things done, however, I know when to switch it off and transition into femineity. 
  14. I am excited and determined to embark on a journey of reinvention. This feels good to me. 
  15. I have raised my standards and developed the necessary qualities to be successful.
  16. Discipline and devotion to my health and wellness are now my muscles.
  17. I maintain peace. I stay determined.

  18. I am consistently taking action towards my goals.
  19. I create structure in my life by planning my quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals easily. It just takes time, planning, and journaling, and I love doing this part!
  20. I have a well-organized schedule that keeps me focused and on track.
  21. Distractions no longer have power over me.

  22. I am committed and limit any distractions that may hinder my progress.
  23. I notice who and what is a distraction within the moment or within a few moments of the situation and I transition.
  24. I have created systems that ensure success in both my personal life and my thriving business.
  25. My life is filled with peace, ease, and gratitude.

  26. I prioritize recharging myself, allowing me to experience happiness, joy, and inspiration.
  27. I regularly tap into my creative side, embracing my inner elegance and sass.
  28. Gone are the days of the hustle life and the pursuit of the hard American dream. I have fully committed to a life of ease, the island life, and luxury.

  29. I run my life and my business like a well-oiled machine, effortlessly and gracefully.
  30. I notice when a schedule is no longer working and or has become seasonal. I am able to transition into another schedule that makes sense for the season I'm in.
  31. I'm not stuck to one schedule. I am committed to it until it shows me it is not working. Then I shift gears.
  32. When a schedule is not working and I see myself falling short, I don't make it mean anything to me.
  33. I notice when a schedule expires for that season and I easily play with a new schedule until that one feels right. I play with that schedule until the cycle runs out.
  34. I prioritize peace, well-being, high energy, and high quality for both myself and my clients.
  35. Above all, I am committed and devoted to being my best self.

  36. I consistently show up as the best version of myself, always striving for excellence in everything I do. When I don't or when I fall short, I easily forgive myself and transition back into alignment.
  37. Dear Future Self, as I read these affirmations daily, I will be reminded of the life I am creating, the person I am becoming, and the impact I am making.

  38. Remember, you have the power to manifest your dreams. Trust in yourself, believe in your abilities, and continue to live a life of purpose, ease, and abundance.
  39. It's okay if we mess up 1000 times and then I finally get it right. It won't take that many times, but I'm just showing you that I love you. I'm here for you no matter what it takes, or how long it takes, and I am here with unconditional love for you.
  40. I embody my future self. My future self is me right now.
  41. I say yes to this identity shift. I say yes to this way of being. I say yes to this way of thinking.
  42. I say yes. I accept. I. say. yes.

Thank you for stopping in. I hope that you've enjoyed this session. 

I'd like to invite you to Magnetic Empire to run your empire with more peace and ease.


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