Learn 7-Figure Skills, Mind Redesign & Self-Love. Build Your Empire with Peace & Ease. 

Identity Shift Package: You’re dedicated to transforming lives through coaching and mentoring, and I’m here to ensure you do so with unwavering confidence. With personalized strategies, I'll help you carve out your unique path in the coaching world, turning your passion into a 7-figure powerhouse. 

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Let’s embark on this journey together. Build a coaching empire that not only reflects your expertise but also your heart. Connect with me today, and take the first step towards continuing to be a beacon of change and success in the coaching industry while meeting your business and net worth goals.

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You Have It In You to Make the Best, Healthiest Choices

Imagine transforming your coaching passion into a thriving empire, impacting lives, and achieving financial freedom.

My approach has helped numerous entrepreneurs utilize my Self-Love Therapy Method and Mind Redesign Framework to advance in business. 

After realizing their vision or after many attempts to make it to 7-figures, they begin building skills and confidence, turning their dreams into tangible success stories. 

  • Gain the self-confidence that a 7-figure online business demands
  • Have the right strategies, gain millionaire skills, and receive innovative frameworks tailored to your style and company culture
  • Personalized mentorship to help you establish and grow a 6-7 figure coaching business confidently 
  • Nourish your body, your self-love, your relationships, and your sales offer each week with simple schedule shifts, planning, and strategizing

Get more done in less time and have the Calm and Sexy Empire that your soul dreams about. Many want this dream and few are willing to go all in and all of the way. This is your chance. This is your time to finally make it happen for yourself - and my team and I are here to see it through with you. 


Magnetic Empire

"Building a Magnetic Empirewith a holistic approach to building, reaching, and having. We combine the latest in personal development, strategic networking, and brand building to offer a comprehensive guide that addresses the nuances of creating a magnetic presence in today's world. Plus, our focus on actionable insights and real-world applications ensures that you can start making an impact right away.

You'll learn how to harness your personal power, create a compelling brand, and develop a strategic network that supports your goals. We'll cover everything from refining your vision and crafting your message to implementing effective networking strategies that set you apart. By the end of our time together, you'll have a clear blueprint for building an empire that resonates with your core values and attracts the right opportunities.

This mentorship is designed for ambitious individuals looking to elevate their personal and professional lives by building a powerful, magnetic empire.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a leader, or someone aspiring to make a significant impact, this experience will provide you with the strategies and insights needed to attract success and create meaningful connections.

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What You'll Learn

During Our Time Together

Month One

Magnetic Skills. Magnetic Message. Scale.

Magnetic Marketing: You'll learn and close the doors to your 'Sales Prevention Department' and open your 'Sales Generation Department,' while creating a consumption ecosystem that eventually leads to autogenerated revenue. Without fear and judgment in showing up for your brand, you'll show up with a confident and compelling message, offer your magnetic skills to the right clients, and scale to ensure you make it to your next family event. 

  1. Refine and reflect on your 7-figure skills
  2. Have a compelling message
  3. Scale and watch increase become a smoother experience
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Month Two

Mind Redesign & Identity Shift Therapy

An identity shift is a process of changing one's beliefs, values, and behaviors to align with a new identity. It can be a conscious or unconscious process and can happen due to various reasons such as personal growth, career changes, or major life events.

It's important to constantly evaluate and improve our mindset. Mind redesign is also the process of intentionally changing our thoughts and attitudes to create a more positive and productive mindset. This can have a significant impact on our personal relationships and professional lives, leading to increased happiness, success, more money and overall well-being.

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Month Three

7-Figure Spiritual & Energetic Practices

There are three things that you'll learn to do.

  1. Heal your soul, your energy, and your physical body - the boss way. Releasing toxic thoughts and emotions, and using energizing practices to fill up your cup before your next session with a client. 
  2. Move energy in your body that allows the flow of money, peace, and joy, and brings your message forward while transferring it into content that converts to sales. 
  3. Manifest from mind redesign, energetic movements that clear your business path, and spiritual prayers and affirmations that position and maintain your 7-figure business. 
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Month Four

Putting Your Plan into Action Straight Away

In the fourth month, we will discuss the importance of having a well-structured plan and how to effectively execute it. As an online educator, it is crucial to understand the process of turning ideas into action, as this will not only benefit your clients or students but also help you in creating successful and profitable courses.

The first step in putting your plan into action is to clearly define your goals and objectives. This will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the process. Next, break down your plan into smaller, achievable tasks. This will make the overall plan seem less daunting and more manageable. It is also important to set a timeline for each task to ensure that you stay on track and meet your deadlines.

Ready? Let's Go 

A Little About Me

Health Psychologist and Coach 

Specializing in mind redesign and self-modification for entrepreneurs

Dr. Elsie Blass, a mental health practitioner, and self-empowerment advocate for 20 years (2004) has made her life-long research of self-modification a part of her very own self-love journey.

Teacher, mentor, friend, entrepreneur and and investor, Elsie is dedicated to your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and business health.

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“An inspiration…”

“I knew that a woman from Detroit could dream big dreams and that investing in my high-income skills and strategies could produce a business where I went from 6 to 7 figures and I didn't have to do it with stress. I could take my time and not hustle through it. Elsie gave me the tools and led the way to a healthier future. My self-worth has skyrocketed”

Jenny L, Georgia

“I'm her #1 fan...”

“Elsie is my go-to for business and relationship consulting. I've saved countless hours and over $100k on business deals because E.B. brought psychology and wisdom to the table. I have weekly business calls that help me meet my business goals and help me nurture my wife while building my empire with more ease. My wife is happier."

John D, Japan

“It's such a change...”

“The confidence that came with Module One was so impactful! I use my skills and 7-figure automation to help me bring in way more money than I anticipated and have taken so much more time to rest and spend time with my family. I started dating again and it feels good to have my financial independence while searching for the right partner."

Katie H, Toronto

What's Included


Video Lessons

Easily watch or listen to our love, money, spiritual practices, and business library to help you get the most from building your empire with ease and flow. No stress or pressure. Go at your own pace and keep up with your notes. Studies show that note-taking and reviewing lead to implementation and a higher increase in the return on your investment. 


In-Depth Resources

You'll have access to resources, links, ebooks, and downloadable audio that help support your vision. Meditations, mantras, and affirmations that cater to direct needs in the marketplace and or in your personal life.

Caring for your personal life and personal self-love journey will also be a driving force in goal achieving.


Online Community

Our online (in-app) community will connect you with others who are on the path to building their 7 to 8-figure business. 

Practice your 7 to 8-figure mindset with your new friends and be a part of a community of people that you can grow with.

Your vision is supported, loved, and nourished here. 

Trying to Decide?

This is for you if...

  • you would like to write a magnetic copy that draws in 7 figures with more ease.

  • having confidence in your skills, your offer, and yourself is important to you. 

  • you're ready to have a company worth millions.

This is not for you if...

  • you're not willing to do what it takes or put in the work to have what you came for

  • you aren't willing to have a spirit of celebration and aren't able to affirm the Self (yourself). 

  • you aren't open to self-love and healing the entrepreneur within.
Need a Reason to Start?

Here are 3 Great Reasons

Reason One

Our identities are constantly evolving and can be shaped by our experiences, relationships, and environments. This means that we have the power to intentionally shape our identities and create an identity that aligns with our goals and values.

Reason Two

Fear is a natural emotion that can hold us back, but it is not a permanent state. By identifying the source of our fear and building confidence, we can overcome it and achieve our goals. Remember to be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories along the way. With the right mindset and strategies, you can overcome fear and confusion and gain the confidence to live your best life

Reason Three

The key is to start now and make progress every day. Remember, taking action is not about being perfect, it's about making progress. Don't let fear or self-doubt hold you back. Believe in yourself and trust that you have what it takes to achieve your goal.

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Save Your Seat

We're About to Get Started

If you want to change your identity with mind redesign tools and a magnetic revenue increase framework, your seat is waiting for you. 

Spaces are limited to ensure that each client is properly cared for and feels complete.

Important to remember: 

  • To successfully navigate an identity shift, it is important to clearly understand your current identity, the desired identity, and a support system in place.
  • Identity shift is the process of changing one's beliefs, values, and behaviors to align with a new identity.
  • Our identities are not fixed and can be intentionally shaped through our experiences and environment.
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  • Calm + Sexy Empire (On-Demand)
  • American Empire eBook
  • Self-Love Therapy Course






  • 3 weekly calls per month 
  • Calm + Sexy Empire (On-Demand)
  • Self-Love Therapy Course (On-Demand)
  • American Empire eBook




  • Weekly 45-60 minute VIP Coaching Calls (3 total per month)
  • Group calls (VIP Combo)
  • Calm + Sexy Empire (On-Demand)
  • Self-Love Therapy Course
  • American Empire eBook 

“My FU Money Story…”

“Els helped me heal from my a marriage that was far away from healthy and helped me to focus my energy and time on building my 8-figure brand. She's an angel and her wisdom is unprecedented. I generated so much more money after the break-up. Some relationships hold us back from revenue increase. Not anymore.

Shauna S, Nevada

“$20k Months Felt Easier w/Elsie...”

“Life is now exceptional and my husband wasn't expecting all of the breakthroughs that I experienced. He didn't believe this was worth the investment until my first $20k month turned into four $20k months. He was stubborn and unwilling to see until Elsie gave me the tools to thrive.”

Stacie K, London

“I Told My Parents To keep their Millions...”

“I knew that all I needed was help positioning my offer and myself as the expert but I didn't have the tools or skills to do so. The energetic piece in Module Three and the action steps in Module One helped me to tie it all together. I became a millionaire without my parent's millions. It felt good to rub it in. I gained more respect from my parents with this investment."

Dani F, Florida

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Coach, Speaker, and #1 Best-Selling Author

"I'm Elsie Blass and I specialize in Self-Relating Modification. It's truly about how you relate to yourself, people, places, and things. I also specialize in mind redesign and holistic and energetic practices that renew, reset, and replenish. You'll always feel nourished in my care." 

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