VIDEO: Chakra Psychology - Made Easy + Simple!



all your chakras...

I absolutely love this video. She is very sweet and cute! :) It is very simple and easy to follow. Set the mood with dim lighting and candles. Follow her steps and listen to her knowledge. Receive more balance and feel amazing afterward. I know I did!

Perscription: Replay it often and learn the easy methods. Use this as often as needed!

This is a lifestyle. This will serve you well during your life’s journey. Apply all tools and concepts to your spiritual practice for best results.

Let this teaching be a blessing to you...


Chakra Mantra chant and mantras explained. 

For a more in-depth understanding, please watch the video below. As with anything, eat the meat and spit out the bones. Do use your intuition to receive what is needed from this teaching.

I hope you enjoyed it! Share this post with someone who can benefit from balance and peace.


Smart Love Moves - Season 3, Episode 1

Smart Love Moves Season 3.JPG

SLM - Podcast

Season 3

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm enjoying recording these episodes for you. Take 4 minutes to hear about the making of season 3 and some really cool things that I don't often share.

Side Note: You'll probably hear the buttery pancakes simmering in the background. Hey, a girl's got to eat! 

Also, I hope you enjoy some behind the scenes info and I hope this very first episode can be of service to you and your relationship. 

Season 3 Episode 1 - Open Your Partner's Legs With Love


Audio Lesson: Tips For Your Fitness Journey

fitness journey- dumbbell.jpg

Hello Loves! I really felt strong about sharing some “Must Need To Know Tips” with you while you’re on your fitness journey. I wish someone would have shared these things with me. It took me four years to learn, and you can have these tools within 30 minutes. I think I should saved you years of silliness, stress and let downs. These concepts and tools will alliviate a lot of your discomfort as you pursue a body transformation. 

If you're on the GO, no worries. Download this audio and listen to it later. Just make sure to listen to it. 

With Love,

Dr. E.

The Body That I Deserve

Elsie Blass

The left photo is my before and the right is my after. I've been longing to make changes to my physique for quite some time. We want more, we dream big, we play small, we dream small, and then we reach heights. What more can we do with what we have? Our resources, tools, ideas, and perceptions all play a role in how we manage possibilities. I decided to introduce you to my before and after because I know you deseire something more for yourself. I know you long for bigger and better things. 

Left: September 2017 - 128lbs

Right: January 31, 2018 - 134lbs

Only a 6 pound difference, but I gained some muscle mass and I’m working to decrease body fat. I’m also sculpting to have the body that I deserve. I really want stronger looking legs. I’m still not where I want to be but I have vowed to get there. Some of you have had some questions that pertained to my measurements so I've placed them below.

Routine: Squatting 2x a week, conducting hip dip exercises, lots of glute exercises, reaching 280lbs on the leg press, staying consistant with eating, taking all my vitamins and supplements, as well as adding cardio and ab workouts. 

Weight: I fluctuate between 133lbs and 135lbs. I’m 5’4.

Measurements: 34/27/39.5

Goal: 34/25/40

I’m embarrassed that my waste is 27 but I love pizza, bread, cereal, a calzone here and there, restaurant food and some fast food. I can’t forget coffee with sugar (2x a week), a donut here and there and occasional baked goods. Now thinking about it, I can always do better with my eating habits. I can can probably reach my goal in 30 Days. That would mean applying autonomy. During different seasons in your life you will have difficulty in one area of your life that makes the struggle real. 

 I don’t regret my unhealthy options. I eat clean as much as possible. I’ll probably increase cardio and ab exercises so I can continue eating the junk that makes me happy. Sounds terrible when I say it out loud. It's a journey. I don't claim to be perfect in this area, only that I am a work in progress.

Maybe I’ll take breaks from eating unhealthy options and having it as a part of my diet throughout the year. I'm not sure yet. 

For now, this is what I am working with and I’m dedicated and determined to trim, sculpt and build the body I’ve wanted for a long time. I was tired of always talking about it and I wanted to do it already. I want to see it already. And I am starting to...

Fitness Journey: I had to master one thing at a time and then balance multiple things. Eating healthy and being consistant at the gym was a challenge. For some reason I struggled to do them both together. I'm a mother, a now wife and then girlfriend. So it has been a journey. Three years of starting and stopping and wanting more, and then needing a break from it all. It happens. It is a part of the process for many. It was for me. 

For others, a healthy lifestyle seems to come easy. For me, it was a challenge. One that I intend to master and flucutate over time. I may never be perfect at eating healthy for 365 days in a year. I'm not there yet. I'm not sure if I'll ever be. One step at a time. One mind set at a time. I'm good with that. I will never allow myself to visit 115lbs again. I hated that weight on me. I was so unhappy with that look. I intend to steer clear of ever seeing me that way again or feeling those feelings. 

I deserve to look and feel the way that I desire to look and feel. I deserve the body I seek. I'm dedicated to the Self (me). I try to please my family and friends as much as I can. At the end of the day, my life and my body is mine and mine alone. I deserve to look and feel how I want to look and feel. 

I'm not sure what your journey is like. But, if you can relate to mine at all then you'll understand the mind, will, and emotions that go into the ups and downs of the journey at hand. I wish you well. I wish you a 2018 with a Body That You Deserve.

Dr. E

LOVE Looks Different Each Time It Reveals Itself....

love and relationships

Love is so unique in its design. It varies on the make up of the person who ‘is love' and the other person’s make up of their particular evolution of love. Within each unique design we find flaws or challenges, along with its beauty; and fathom its cost - if lost. Perfectly imperfect and perfectly perfect can love find its own melody. 

Love requires truth about who you are and where you want to be, and who you want to be with or around. Love requires freedom to choose and have it or them choose you. 

Wait on the balance of things and the balance of things will be of value to you. Work on your frequency and remind yourself that you are attracting a different frequency of people, places and things. 

This is your act of service to yourself as you evolve and mature in your way of thinking.

Give yourSELF over to LOVE so it can bring about peace of mind and body. Your higher self is longing for this truth and FREEDOM and you will honor it by walking in love not only toward others but toward your SELF.

So then we are left in the scheme of things. And the scheme of things is our Freedom to Love once more.

Sending you love + light!

Your Smart Love Moves Coach,


Stress Management and Planning

stress management


My professor asked me a question and here was my response. Please copy/paste what may be on service to you.

[Facebook Post] I will also put it up on my website today for you to refer back to. In the search bar, on my website, you can search "stress" and this same post will come up.

Dr. Grenier,

Developing a strategic foundational plan for stress management should be considered for multiple scenarios. I believe planning for stress can be of service to one’s self. Here are some prime examples below.

If someone is experiencing stress in any of these categories they can alleviate some of their discomfort(s) by applying these action steps.

Overwhelmed by task

    •    Make a list

    •    Schedule time to complete task

    •    Delegate any task that can be delegated

    •    Check task off of the list (Use the Swipes App on phone and laptop)

    •    Allow and be open to some task rolling over to the next day (if applicable)

Health Concerns

    •    Speak to a practitioner and consider options.

    •    Conduct own research online to bring to your doctor’s appointment.

    •    Receive and 2nd and 3rd professional opinion. 

    •    Seek emotional support from at least 3 people.

    •    Keep a journal to document thoughts and feelings and process as well as progress.

    •    Mediation and breathing exercises are of use to ease discomfort.

    •    Healthy eating: Create an easy to use and easy to follow meal-plan for the week.

    •    Stay hydrated and have times of rest and relaxation.

    •    Go for walks and experience the outside environment with ease.


    •    Allow time and give energy to mental and emotional processing.

    •    Be patient and kind with the healing process.

    •    Allow time to cry, become angry, and voice concerns with safe friends, family and a professional. 

    •    Keep a journal to document thoughts and feelings. Process truth on paper. 

    •    Have therapeutic sessions with yourself in private where you talk to the person, although they are unable to hear you and respond.

    •    Watch and listen to shows, videos, or entertainment programs that offer laughter and joy.

    •    Spend quality time with people, places, and things that offer support, joy and bright new experiences. 

    •    After some time has passed, allow yourself the love and care to push yourself and or give yourself a little nudge toward moving on and forward.

I believe that stress often seems like jumbled thoughts and feelings. When a plan is offered and or a default (run to) method is available, execution of movement is in order. Heightened emotions are then inclined to subside.

Thank you for the link, Dr. Grenier!

With Gratitude,


Home Cuisines: Fine Dining


Inspired by: Chef’s Table Season 1 Episode 2

The art of fine dining and creating the cuisines that you long to taste is in the crops and groceries you purchase. It is important that you make your home the restaurant. Even with a busy lifestyle, you can make specialty dishes that serve you well.

The art is in managing your time. Perhaps, meal prepping can be an option. It's the one day a week that you purre and make your specialty lemon sauce. It is up to you how you manage your time. What works for six months may not work for the rest of the year. Your life is ever changing. So should how you manage your time and space in your home.  

Enlist other members of your family to accommodate to the needs of the home. This will allow you the opportunity to focus your love and attention on your chef table. Push through and make your home and cooking great! Invest energy in the foods you place in your body. 

You can be a vegan and eat from a vegan restaurant. But the majority of the vegan restaurants aren't organic. This is a problem. Most restaurants, if not all, are not concerned with ethical standards. Are you concerned with where they get their meat? Where are they getting their wheat? Their dishes are not organic and are harmful to your body. So eat at those places sparingly if you're going to eat there at all. 

You are what you eat and you are what they eat too.

The best taste and extending your life expectancy:

  • You can't taste good food unless it comes from whole sources.
  • "The more life there is in the soil, the more potential you have for the creation of flavor (Chef's Table, S1E2)."
  • "Organic farmers have to return the fertility back to the soil (Chef's Table, S1E2)."
  • Ethical and sustainable food are safe and offered with care.
  • Organic choices (only, if possible).
  • Organic seeds, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Look for a new angle. Always be open to learning and purchasing high-quality foods and goods.
  • Be about change.
  • Put positive energy in your food, place your personal problems to the side. Give your food love as you cook.
  • Find out where your meat comes from. What farms are you purchasing from? 
  • Non-GMO/no antibiotics/gluten free. Minimize the gluten as much as possible. 
  • Use organic herbs and grains.
  • Organic coffee and chocolate and butter will serve you well.
  • Grains are better than whole wheat.
  • When cooking veggies, make sure they stay vibrant in color or you'll be cooking the nutrients right out of them. 
  • Ask farms about the soil. Purchase from organic farms. 
  • Look up "the dirty dozen." These are an 'organic must!'
organic cornfield.jpg

Research is improtant

Self-Love: Gathering your resources and creating lasting relationships with farmers. 

Organic Farms:

Home cuisine organic style.jpg

Netflix: Chef’s Table Season 1 Episode 2

  • Bluehill in NY  

  • Lakeview Organic Grain Farm, Penn Yan, NY 

There are many organic farms in the US. Please do your research. I wish you well!

Your Health Psychologist,

Dr. E


People + Religion

people and religion.jpg

People are able to frame the way they uncover who they will be in this world, how they will understand things to be, and how those beliefs contribute to their well-being and participation in the world around them. (Marks, 2015). As it will be examined, religion and culture is a group that is still being understood up until now. In an ever-changing world, scholars are still uncovering important cultures and sub-groups to better comprehend society as a whole. 

Both religion and culture play a role in shaping the lives of people. While the foundations of each country stem from religious beliefs and customs, a researcher revealed that aging persons are open to religious topics and afterlife discussions. (Manuti.A. 2016). This very well may become a sub-group of religion and culture. Amelia Manuti, Rosa Scardigno, and Giuseppe Mininni gathered together to explore this specific culture as a whole in, “Me, Myself, and God: Religion as a psychocultural resource of meaning in later life. This select group then shares their truths with their community - offering a cycle of implantation. The phenomenon of why cultures move and shift themselves toward and away from religion and how that factor is played out in the world is yet to be fully explored.

Personal identity is developed over time. As maturity sets in motion, that development is combined with life experience - following “discursive practices.” (Manuti.A. 2016). The problem with the various culture groups not being represented in research studies surrounds the lack of knowledge we still yet face when thinking about all people groups. In considering religion and culture, one supposes how or why those that believe in a sacred source live their lives based on the perceptions and the instructions placed by their religious customs and practices. 

“As for the aging experience, it should be highlighted that the main differences within this extended stage of life are related to sex, socioeconomic and cultural level, health—both physical and mental conditions—interpersonal relations, and so on. These factors cross each other and multiply the possible combinations of their effects. In addition, the number and the variety of experiences in social life make over-sixties individuals the most diversified persons” (Manuti, 2016) in each culture group.

Psychology and the aging person can be a complexed item to characterize or interpret since there are multiple persons of certain ages that are a part of the religion and culture group. Thus, identifying the problem in collecting data classified to either the separation of age and maturity within religion and culture can be a cause for concern. A study of both age within religion and culture and the psychology of how it contributes to other cultures overall can provide clarity on healthy and disruptive actions displayed by each people group. However, a continual study of the facts can provide more and more clarity as cultural norms expand and change over time. This is a never-ending study that will almost always provide clues and data to a topic our world may only hope to touch on in this ever fleeting topic - because of cultural change. 

Dr. E


Marks, D. F., Murray, M., Evans, B., Estacio, E. V. (2015). Health psychology Theory, Research, and Practice (4th ed.). London: SAGE

Manuti, A., Scardigno, R., Mining, G. (2016) Me, myself, and God: Religion as a psychocultural resource of meaning in later life, Vol. 22(1) 3–34. DOI: 10.1177/1354067X14551294

When You Miss Your Old Love


Today a 36-year-old woman asked me what she should do about missing the man she once loved. I gave her my expert opinion based off of her particular experience and situation. However, in this post, I'm going to reference missing someone in general. 

As I continued my day, I began thinking about my own experiences with missing and longing. At evening fall the manifestation of what I had been thinking broke my fall. Sometimes when we miss someone we can eventually see their reflection. Even if they or you have moved on and forward, you may find that their mear existence penetrates your soul and those same feelings can come rushing in like the wind once again. 

I've had women say, "But, he's moved on. It's too late!" My response is, "Yes, he has. He's happy. And maybe where he is where he needs to be. So miss him, love him from a distance, long for him and make sure you don't do anything to mess up his true love or the soulmate moment that he's experiencing. What if she's the one to actually be 'his one!?' One woman said, "What if I'm the one for him, Elsie?" Perhaps, perhaps she may be and maybe the one he's with is really the one. I believe we should trust the universe and if he is truly the one, then trust that the universe would bring such clarity. 

To add to the confusion, I should explore the options humans have among them. You can either wait on the universe or you can take matters into your own hands - based on your intuition.

Why in the world did the relationship end in the first place, one might ask. Ah, sometimes fear causes us to lose the very thing that is good for us. Or maybe, the timing was off. Or maybe.... We can come up with so many theories and yet when it's all said and done, we sit and ponder the true representation of things. Maybe knowing or trying to figure it out may do more harm than good. With all these maybes and possibilities, I should leave you with one more. Maybe, what happened doesn't matter. What matters now is what you do with the now before it's too late to ponder any more possibilities. Or well, you can just leave well enough alone and allow him/her or them to be happy where they are and where they're already headed. 

Sometimes honoring him is leaving him alone, especially if that is what he may want. Honoring his relationship is honoring you also. And of course, honoring you is well, honoring you. What does honoring you look like? What would it feel like? If you yourself are in a relationship, then honoring your relationship would be either staying or leaving. Prior to speaking to your old love, you should close out on where you are before sharing your unwarranted feelings and declaration of love. 

So I'll leave you with this. "Yes, he has. He's happy. And maybe where he is where he needs to be. So miss him, love him from a distance, long for him and make sure you don't do anything to mess up his true love or the soulmate moment that he's experiencing." Or go for it and try once more. But be willing to lose in order to gain. To lose him forever because you lack courage, or to lose him forever because he's over the love you once both shared, or to lose what you have and gain and earn his love once again. 

Those my friends are your options. Will fear reign or courage or pride or love?

Sending you all light and love.

Dr. E 

Self-Love + Health Psychology


Today I posted a welcome audio on my podcast page. It was an opportunity to explain where I am in my transition. Many of you know that I've talked about making Smart Love Moves, however, I've recently decided to expand my dealing and offer you so much more than before.

In being a health professional, it is important to help you in your journey in many different ways. Thus, leaving room for doing more and giving you more content that can help you up-level as the years' pass will be a great benefit to you. 

This is a short post this time around as I am in the middle of creating a meal plan and fitness routine for obese adolescents that are ready to take action. Their parents will be advised of this program and will be able to read through its portions. I encourage you to open your mind and heart and learn more about foods that can enrich your life and help you to feel well and whole.

Be kind to one another! 

With love and support,

Dr. E

Peace With Self


Peace With Self

Peace with the SELF starts with transparency. If you can be honest with your SELF about your truths, your way of thinking and being, your joy, your anguish, your rage, your fear, your happiness or what your relationship with LOVE looks like - then you can be left with comfort. There is comfort in peace. Peace in knowing who you are, even if you don’t know where you’re going.

In your journey you will find opportunities to be an observer of the SELF. You are not to be judge or jury, but are to act as a Self-Love Offical and only observe your movements. When you are a judge you create space to stay hindered, and you may hope for more but feel slow in movement or stuck. What if you became an observer of the SELF? As an observer you automatically walk in LOVE, and in that space you are LOVE. And love breeds flow of MOVEMENT. 

Since you are the manager of the SELF it is your duty to report any mishaps or hinderances to The Self for evaluation. You then make the changes that need to be made and you keep moving!

Forgiveness of the SELF is a liberating state and allows you to move forward with ease. If ever not dealt with, it can cause a sickness of the spirit. You deserve the best that you can offer.

Meditation is the link to hearing what your higher self is saying, needing, thinking and feeling. This link is a connection to all that’s needed to assist you in your journey. Learn to meditate and don’t give up. There are 5 basic mediation styles. Learn each one in a one-on-one session with me; and start building a solid foundation with your SELF today. Each meditation style serves a different purpose and you’ll meditate with more ease. 

So let’s recap some important tools in the Peace With Self.

  • Transparency in all things big and small
  • You are the manager of the SELF
  • You are only to be an observer
  • Love breeds change
  • Forgiveness of the SELF liberates your spirit and prepares you for movement
  • Meditation is the link to what your higher SELF is saying

Remember that patience and courage are necessary ingredients that help achieve the required results. 

If you’re longing for help to have Peace with the Self, and you’re ready for a change - send me a message and receive your Complimentary Discovery Session

With Love....

Your Life + Love Coach,

Dr. E

Affirm The NOW!


Affirm The Now came from a belief and daily practice of affirming yourSELF in the ways that your SELF is calling for.For instance, a week ago I became hard on myself and my bff stopped me and said, “You’re a perfectionist and you do your best, and I understand you’re striving for more, but affirming where you are is the right thing to do.” Of course I know this and you do too. However, sometimes we just simmer in a space too long and someone or something looking from the outside in says, “Hey! Look at the now.” She proceeded to say, “I know you already know this, but I needed to tell you.”

I have my moments too when I realize that I have to snap myself back into position. And then there are other moments when I realize the ‘snapping back into position' requires some outside love. 

There was a time when I would have loved to be here. That is ‘Affirming The Now.’ You are then better able to accept where you are now. The universe can give you more when you appreciate yourself in this space. We know this... We’ve heard it before, and yes, we need to hear it again and again and again. As many times over. 

On some level we ALL talk down to ourselves. Or don’t talk ourselves up enough - if at all. There are times where you will write a letter to yourself and it will be a negative love letter. It is designed to push you to be better and do better. Then there are times when you will write a positive letter, which affirms you and repositions your movement. 

Here are some affirmations that I’ve heard others use and some I may have used myself: 

  • I am good enough.
  • I’m smart enough.
  • I value my input.
  • I attract the things I desire. 
  • I deserve a profitable business.
  • I’m smart and I know what I’m doing.
  • I may not know what I’m doing, but I trust this silly ass process. 
  • I may not know what I’m doing, but I trust this process. (Yes, I wrote it w/out the ‘ass’ in there.)
  • I deserve good things. 
  • Good things come to me and I am mindful of those things. 
  • I’m brave.
  • I’m wise.
  • I’m strong.

Write down what you need to hear and say it to yourself. Repeat it like it’s a mantra you long to manifest. Allow it to become your reality. 



We Say GoodBye To Our Lovers.....

We’ll miss you until we don’t. We’ll love you until we don’t. We’ll send you light and love until we don’t. 

We’ll miss you until we don’t. We’ll love you until we don’t. We’ll send you light and love until we don’t. 

Lovers are like angels that are sent from heaven to wake us up to an experience worth every second. Their face will always be remembered in the blink and closure of both eyes, and yet forgotten with one blink with both eyes open once again. Unless you daydream with your eyes open, in which case, you can see them and visualize them happy while walking out in the sun. 

Lovers can be very short term or long in years. It varies on the life cycle of the bond. Once the relationship has served its purpose, the lovers walk separately to meet their future with their heartache. The heartache subsides leaving only memories. Memories fade unless you hold them tightly, it which case, you run the risk of holding on to ‘what was' and not allowing 'what is' to satisfy you. 

Lovers come quick and out of no where and then leave you wandering with uncertainty. We send them good wishes and remember why they weren’t the best fit. Or we wonder what could have been had they considered us the best fit. But they didn’t. And we didn’t. So it isn’t and what could have been - is not. 

We then close out those stories and those chapter with ease... Knowing that all of it was for your highest good and where you are going needed this experience to ensure wholeness - for your future dealings. 

Its time to let past lovers go. Your future awaits you now! Read my secret to understanding your past, current and future relationships.

Sending Light + Love to ALL of our Lovers, Goodbye to you! We wish you well!

Elsie Blass

Love Coach Diaries: Rapid Fire Questions

FullSizeRender 65.jpg


I believe feeling alive has a lot to do with adventure, healing, leaving people, places and things behind. Feeling alive has so much to do with experiencing things that are meaningful. 

I remember what it was like to feel dead or more so like I was dying. My core needed to feel alive and I was willing to lose everything just to lose that feeling. 

What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel dead inside? We can long for the feeling that the word alive brings; but will we move toward it with FULL force? 

Dr. EL 


I feel empowered, electric, alive, the most ME when… I’m teaching during a coaching session and my client has an ‘aha moment’ or a genius take away. I’m grateful to say, they receive something in every session. They can’t leave without it...I won’t let allow it. ;) 

I feel restricted when… I’m too busy to breathe. Or eat. Or stretch. Or call/text my lover.

I’m inspired by… Clean, modern architecture. Music. Paintings. Quotes. Poetry. Complex ideas, articulated in the fewest possible words. Athletes. Dancers. Actors. Anyone who’s capable of memorizing names, song lyrics + speeches. Love. Enlightenment. Sex + the healing power of touch. 

The one thing I am unethical in and unapologetic about is... Going into the public bathroom and using the handicap stall. I do it 99.9% of the time and I haven’t encountered anyone who may have needed it. I pay attention every time. It’s the one unethical thing I chose to do. I hate feeling confined in a stall and closed in. I guess it’s my way of honoring how I want to feel when I pee. 

My current mantra/ affirmation is… “My brain retains information easily and smoothly.”

with love,