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Fulfill your dreams and reach big goals with full support and high-level motivation. A self-love check-in and self-discovery is a wonderful way to say, "Self, I love you. I'm here for you."

Worthiness will help you take your business and your life to the next level. Join to start your 12-week discovery experience filled with motivation, coaching, clarity, clearing, rejuvenation, restoration, and reigniting. 

Once you've experienced this self-love retreat style of bonding with self, you'll feel confident in returning to each module as often as you'd like. Every year we upgrade the program and offer a refresh in the training and research provided. You'll be able to have a fresh start each and every year with us as we upgrade.

Clarify your message with the NEW VERSION of you. 

You Know These Things For Sure
You're an amazing business minded person, artist, creative, coach or consultant with the knowledge to make people feel good and change lives.
You want to be fully booked with high paying clients or customers and desire to be recognized as the #1 choice in your field.
To make this kind of impact in your business, you need two things. A mindset that aligns with your vision, and  tailored plan to execute this alignment.  
The dilemma is the execution of your sales and marketing.  
You're the creative genius, just like me. But, I wasn't good with the execution of converting high paying clients consistently. I'd have 3 a year or so. You're attracting clients, but not PREMIUM ones
  • You feel that you're not receiving the paying clients that you know you're worthy of. You're concerned about charging because of a lack of worthiness and confidence.
  • Your dream life really requires you to make more than $10k a month.
  • You haven't found a sales process that resonates and converts with ease and flow
  • You're tired of working part-time and full-time jobs while working on your dream business and taking care of your family. 
  • Just about EVERY Monday morning, you wake up feeling sad, maybe even depressed sometimes because you know that you're meant for more. You know yo could be getting so much more done with your time and energy. 
Let me be completely honest with you here... 
This was my story.
I was so tired of:
  • Working for someone else and not taking care of my own shit. I was tired of building their business and not my own.
  • Listening to podcast at work, taking notes in secret, sticking my notes for my next business idea in my shoes, boots, or inner lining of my pants.
  • Not being able to take a day off when I wanted to and being bound to a location. 
  • Not being able to provide and take care of my family the way that i wanted. 
I've been in your shoes...
I understand what it's like to feel like to be told that I am the best-kept secret and that my work is priceless. I felt like this for over 7 years. It was excruciating and I hated working for another company instead of building my dream business. 
Waking up at 4am to take care of my business, my clients, my website, newsletters, and responding to clients before having to get ready for my 8-5. 
This is why I am dedicated to helping thousands of highly-skilled entrepreneurs, independent thinkers, and leaders heal past trauma, limiting beliefs, shift their mindset, and level up their worthiness, all while clarifying their message, getting seen by the right people, and achieving 80%-90% in sales conversions without using pressure or sales tactics that make you feel yucky. 

I felt like this too! I hired my brilliant marketing coach who helped me clarify my message, and taught me the skills to be a better boss and CEO. 

I specialized in SELF-LOVE but struggled with SALES. I had to upgrade my self-love tactics and power tools to deliver high value and up my conversion rate. 

Want to know my secret? 


This is where the Self-Love  & Sales Program comes in:


My 3 proven pillars

  1. We deep dive into healing trauma and unworthiness.
  2. We restore your mind body connection, and up-level to the you that runs a multimillion dollar business.
  3. We clarify your message, package your marketing, and position you to fufill your dream sales goals.


The application of Self-Love heals and restores. It up-levels the soul and takes part in your branding, marketing, and sales.

 Take A Moment To Rest And Imagine This


  • Imagine having a system in place that is your natural default in order to magnetize your ideal client. I wanted this so bad. I didn't want to think about how to market myself and what to say in a sales call. My auto pilot game was going to close my high-ticket sales. With ease.
  • Imagine being able to consistently write fire  content that shows a confident and liberated you all while igniting a hunger to work with you
  • Imagine waking up to messages from your clients or customers who have paid to work with you. It was a f**k yes to work with you. Of course it is.
  • Imagine a self-love process that’s tailored to your personal and business needs
  • Imagine closing premium clients on the spot with confidence and leaving behind unworthiness 

Well imagining will not be necessary since you'll have the skills and tools to set your dream into reality mode very soon. That's the reality you'll be living after the Self-Love & Sales Program.


I have created a safe place for you to uncover your greatest rewards. The level of care that is needed will be given to you. You will be given unconditional love, care, and acceptance. You will learn how to give pure love to yourself. This new FRESH love that you’ll have will be your blueprint through life. You’ll quickly step into a mindset that is solid and in alignment with your vision and goals. Your peace and power will stay intact despite the pain of others. This will be because you will be stepping into your power. You will give yourself the love that you deserve. Enjoy building and crafting rock solid worthiness in my Worthiness Workshop, which is included in the program. You will become a safe person to love for yourSelf and others will mirror it back to you.

- Elsie Blass PhD




“I felt shame around my prices. My boyfriend thought my prices were too high and it affected the way I showed up in my sales and marketing. I now own my prices and since then, I've made $50k each month. Plus gained back my confidence and self-love.”

Katherine Shen

“Embodying my love life and business success was the inner work I was missing. The meditations and group calls were so therapeutic. I felt alive and more tuned in to soul each and every time. Just when you think the mastermind is all that you need, Elsie takes it to another level with one-on-one tailored.”

Andrea Mila

"I finally said goodbye to dull, lifeless daily experiences. I also said goodbye to my day job. I said hello to rebuilding my marriage and stepping into 6-figures. My husband couldn't believe the transformation and began his self-love journey too. Elsie is a GEM!”

Heather Do

Hi, I'm Elsie!

I have to share this with you. Although, I have a Bachelor in Fashion Design and Merchandising with a specialty in Marketing and advertising, not even my Master in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Health Psychology, were able to help me represent myself as a coach. 

I became certified as a Holistic Life Coach, Certified Love Coach, and Certified Meditation Instructor. This too didn't help with landing my message or showing up as the version that you see today. 

I was and am a phenomenal coach, however, I couldn't shift past the unworthiness and charging the premium rates that I desired. I also struggled with my messaging and converting that into sales.

In reaching my ideal clients here and there, I was hindered in producing consistency. Healing my story, inner dialogue, and building stability in my worthiness helped me tremendously. 

It took four masterminds and 2 years to break through. It was a little bit of this and a little bit of that which helped me skyrocket in sales and receive the love that I knew I was worthy of - behind the scenes.

I specialize in collapsing the timeline of where you are and where you know you're meant to be. It was the one way that I saved myself. Now you can do it too. 

Don't sit this one out. Deliver this GIFT of Self-Love Elevation to your Dream Life and to Your Business

I combined my 18 years of education, and life experience into this program. The training is AMAZING and POWERFUL. 

Nothing short of MAGIC is included here. 




Pay In Full

  • 12  weekly live group strategy calls with Elsie where you can receive 1:1 coaching. ($7,500)
  • 12-month access to the modules so you have plenty of time to implement and never have to buy another self-love or marketing program. ($10,000)
  • An online community with your new ride-or-die crew of entrepreneurs to propel you to your next level. ($2,000)
  • Worthiness Workshop ($2500)
  • 3 VIP sessions $15,000)

Value $34,500


Yes, I'm In!



Payment Plan (6)

  • 12  weekly live group strategy calls with Elsie where you can receive 1:1 coaching. ($7,500)
  • 12-month access to the modules so you have plenty of time to implement and never have to buy another self-love or marketing program. ($10,000)
  • An online community with your new ride-or-die crew of entrepreneurs to propel you to your next level. ($2,000)
  • Worthiness Workshop ($2500)
  • 3 VIP sessions $15,000)

Value $34,500


Yes, I'm In!