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Self-Love Workshop


An enhanced life starts with worthiness and stability. Both are things that you can begin implementing today. 

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Real transformation takes time, but sometimes it can happen within minutes. Take a guided journey that includes healing from unworthiness once and for all. 

  • Simple steps and skills to heal once and for all
  • Thought-provoking coaching questions
  • Self-love journaling prompts to sky rocket your internal upgrades
  • Self-Worth Workbook
  • Post workshop VIP Session


All The Tools You Need To Feel Worthy

These internal upgrades are your best kept secret. Bring in the money and the love. This is a Module from my NEW signature programs, Self-Love Therapy and Self-Love Therapy and Sales.

The two programs are identical. We added the sales and business side to create a specified program for business minded loves like you. I've taken out the Self-Worth Module because it is so rich with content and internal upgrades that it is able to be offered as a stand alone.

You're meant to have a life that makes you blush. 

Welcome: Rock Solid Self Worth

Worthiness Is A Special Tool For A Successful Online Business


We are delighted to bring you a workshop from the Self-Love Therapy program.

Often times we repeat mantras such as, I am worthy of money. I am worthy of consistent cash flow. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of _________. And we believe it only for a moment. We believe it even for a second.

Did you know that the cells of your body hold memories? Did you also know that the cells in your body duplicate and recreate its origin? Did you know that when you heal worthiness at the core, your cleared cells will duplicate the new cellular capacity leaving you full of life and rejuvenated?

Now they'll duplicate its new structure. On a cellular level the healing takes place.

The worthiness is not met by a temporary fix from mantras. It is a therapy and healing that you allow and create within yourself.

There is nothing like healing and learning the skills that come with feeling worthy of love, affection, touch, a partner who is emotional stable, and all of the things that worthiness can offer in a relationship exchange.

In addition! Showing up in your business and owning who you are is my specialty.

My experience of being in a relationship that left me lifeless and hurting, only hindered my cash flow and left me paralyzed. I wasn't able to make videos, create amazing content that led to premium sales and wasted four years of lack in building my empire.

Feeling unworthy is death to the soul, to a relationship(s), and to a business. 

It created discomfort between myself and my family and my relationship with stable income.

Imagine experiencing this type of experience week in and week out for 6 years! 

Being sick and tired and energetically drained was an understatement. It would sometimes lead to sadness, depression, and anxiety. 

Stuck in a cycle of having to heal myself before each session as to not give my wonderful clients a lower frequency, yet still offering a container that was hindered by my own lack of worthiness.


Clearing The Path For A Successful Online Business


Worthiness and stability were the two things that I craved on a soul level. It was time to clear a path.

I deserved it. You deserve it!

Clearing the path from previous trauma caused by family, friends, colleagues, spiritual leaders (also my experience), bosses, partnerships, and of course SELF. Self (yourself) may have offered you a lack of stability, in money, in time, in energy leaks, and other things I'm sure may be coming to mind. I know this was my story.

I realized that I created a relationship with my soul that reflected instability in a lot of areas. And it was time to heal.

It held me back from true healthy love, and a thriving business.

No more swinging toward and away from worthiness. You will provide stability for yourself in your relationship(s) and in your business.

Topics we heal once and for all are within your personal life and in your business.

Rock Solid Worth is a module in my signature program Self-Love Therapy. It's specifically for leaders, healers, and coaches just like you.

You’re a healer. A motivator. A representative of a higher expression of love.

I am also including my Business Retreat program as a bonus. I use the BLUSH ethod. Here is what BLUSH means:

Blast through doors

Love your clients deeply

Unleash your personal marketing style

Share in a way that converts to sales

Heal with ease

Welcome to Module 2: Rock Solid Worth because your worthiness is the MOST important thing in your personal life and in your business.

You’ll also get access to 6 bonus trainings:

🎧 2 min listen

Episode 1: Own Who You Are

🎧 29 min listen

Episode 2: New Chapter New Beginning

🎧 15 min listen

Episode 3: Get Ready For The Upgrade

🎧 14 min listen

Episode 4: Showing Up As You

🎧 20 min listen

Episode 5: Searching Your Soul

🎧 33 min listen

Episode 6: The Forgiveness Experience
Yes, I'm Ready!

Meet the minds behind tranquility

Rani Ray

Host and mindfulness maven

As a former psychologist and mindfulness expert, I was so excited to experience this massive shift. It's a new biological transformation that really reaches my clients. Elsie is great at facilitating this experience and I'm happy to have put these tools into practice for myself.

Elle Lux

Self-discovery advocate

Helping others discover their true selves is my specialty. I added Elsie's teachings on self-modification and behavior change as it has upgraded me as a coach. Her light-hearted approach to mental health gives this serious subject a playful twist. Elsie is the friend you never knew you needed on your journey to empowerment.

Yes, I'm Ready!


I’ve gone from feeling stressed out and overworked to loving the life I live. This workshop has changed my life. I feel like Elsie is a trusted friend guiding me to a better version of myself.

Alex Deal

Founder of Level Up

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  • In-person retreat
  • Weekly Video Sessions
  • Access to Self-Love Therapy
  • Receive a tailored experience to exploring your love journey.
  • Receive coaching on any topic from sales to relationship enhancement. 

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  • Weekly Video Sessions
  • Access to Self-Love Therapy Program
  • Receive a tailored experience to exploring your love journey.
  • Receive love coaching
  • Receive life + business coaching (optional)