No more unavailable people, lovers, or unaligned client attractions.


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Welcome to Mindpower - An Online Business 

The self-love empire builder self-guided retreat for leaders who want to attract available people, relationships/lover(s), and premium clients.

Join today to receive Day 1-3 and a special energy-shifting meditation and sound bath. 

Welcome Mindpower
Listen to Day 1 - Set The Calm Foundation

No matter your experience level with yoga, we’ve got a class for you!

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Feeling Wanted and Admired Online & In Life 

From the moment you set your foot onto sand, you know that there is magic everywhere. Imagine you have a partner who loves pleasing you and serving you. You have clients on a waiting list. And everyone's wanting what you have.

Sure you're a dreamer. You have to be a dreamer if you're building an empire.

"The Empire Starts In The Mind."

You have an EMPIRE that you're building, and it's time to shine. It's time to redesign and recreate a new fresh look and feel on the inside. 

Your Soul has needs and desires it's ready to fulfill. So no more holding yourself back from receiving what you want so much. 


  • BONUS: Listen to my Energy Clearing + Attraction Meditation (value $240). 
"Yes, give me access!"



It's time to build your EMPIRE with CALM and SEXY energy. 

My NEW course CALM + SEXY EMPIRE has a whole 3-day self-guided online retreat in it as a bonus. We call it MINDPOWER. 

It's our MINDPOWER RETREAT. I've taken some of the best parts of the retreat and I'm giving you FREE ACCESS here and NOW. 

You're already an empire builder in mind, heart, and body. You've been working at this thing called life and love and money and career, and business for a long time. And you feel the final call to see things differently.

A NEW FRESH way of looking at what you desire. We're now going to bring forth the you that is aligned with the vision you've had resting in your soul.

No more allowing limitations to hold you captive. You're strong and you have what it takes to do this. To follow your dream. 

Don't give up! 

I took breaks from building my dream but I never gave up. 

Reset your point of attraction when it comes to love, relationships, and premium client attraction. We're clearing unavailable or unaligned people, partners, and clients.






  • Module 1: Set the CALM Foundation 

  • Module 2: The Big Reveal

  • Module 3: Design Your Empire

  • Bonus: Energy Clearing + Vision Alignment Meditation

Join In LIVE!

Your busy, I get it! 

But do you have time to meet with us live and care for your mental health and build your empire with ease?

What's great about receiving instant access is that you can start the EMPIRE: MINDPOWER Retreat immediately. 


You can receive instant access right now and join us LIVE on October 1st from 8pm-12pm EDT for in-depth live coaching where you get to workshop your business and begin or continue building your empire. 

Pick 1 topic you'd like to go deeper with



Top features

  • Instant access to 3 modules
  • Energy Clearing + Attraction Meditation (value $240)
  • Special: 90% OFF code to join CALM

Join Live!


Top features

  • 1:1 (life, love, business, and fitness) Saturday Morning Retreat
  • Instant access to 3 modules
  • Energy Clearing + Attraction Meditation (value $240)
  • Special: 90% OFF code to join CALM

Build Your Empire

The Empire building is special. We try to rush the process and build up our hopes and dreams only to break them down in our minds and cause instability in the heart, mind, and body. 

Not anymore. 

"Yes, I want in!"