Welcome to The Juice Life!

5-MONTH MASTERMIND: 2x live calls a month mastermind that is dedicated to enhancing your love life.

Our focus is love, sex, partnership(s), dating, parenting, family connections, self-love, nutrition, and body sculpting and care.

We value fun, freedom, peace of mind, happiness, wholeness, and friendships.

Live talks and replays are available.


Welcome to a world filled with love, community, coaching, mentorship, and a whole lot of hot vibes. 

I've created a connecting bridge for amazing humans like you who want more with less time and effort. 

I along with my clients have enjoyed massive wealth and upgrades in our mental health, received emotional stability, spiritual expansion, financial gain, and peace, and are having a whole lot of fun doing it.

Living life with ease and flow is calming and soothing to the soul. 

Marketing and sales have become easy when we're connected and plugged into the right source.

Join us in this expansive container.

Open Enrollment Season

You can enroll at any time. You'll have a chat with me or my team and if it's not a great fit, you'll receive a 100% refund on any of the investment choices chosen below. 

The Juicy Life is only available once a year. We begin every year on June 1st. 

I'm excited to see you inside The Juicy Life!

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Healthy Love + Lifestyle

Discover what feels right for you and receive support in the areas that matter most. Powerful 2-3 hour live talks, sessions, and mentorship

Go deeper on topics like love, sex, self-love, dating, partnership(s), family, parenting, and empty nest.

Included is a once-a-month VIP session added for additional support and love. 

In addition to our wonderful TJL mastermind, you'll receive access to all of our programs. All programs cater to self-love, relationships, healing, career, and running a successful business.

Connection + Friendships

Be a part of a high-level mastermind that offers a community of elevated-minded people.

Meeting times allow for interactive time and group session enhancements. Join and meet new friends who are into healthy love, mental health, and living with peace.

I love connecting with my clients in a powerful way. Connecting you with others who can help sharpen your journey is just as amazing. 

Joy is found in partnering within a community.

Value + Takeaways

Many of my clients take a test that I created which determines their 5 top life values. Out of our 600+ participants in my Self-Love Therapy Program, I conducted research on the findings. 

A list of values came up within the findings that I've added to The Juicy Life Mastermind. Many clients voiced that their life values are freedom, fun, peace, happiness, wholeness, family, and love.

To fulfill and support these values, I decided that placing them into our mastermind foundation would be of great benefit to your success and growth.

What you can expect?


🥥 Expect a whole lot of juice! Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual juice!

🥥 Expect to have a good time, have fun, and experience new things with new people.

🥥 Expect to feel more powerful and confident in your love life, relationships, sex, and in your career choices.

🥥 Expect to heal and close doors to previous beliefs that are limiting and contracting. Mental freedom is now received.

🥥 Expect to increase and enhance in every area of your life. From nutrition to financial wealth.

🥥 Expect to feel more love, have more time, enhance your sex life, power charge your beliefs, and go after your BIG VISION with FULL SUPPORT.

The Body, The Mind

Having the body and the mind will help you feel good about yourself. Your self-esteem is dependent on how you feel and how you view yourself. 

Run your life the way that you want it. Live more powerfully. Breathe easy. Enjoy your enhanced mind and playful body. 

Receive your partner and get your juices flowing with a healthier love life. 

It's time for The Juicy Life!

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Top features

  • 2 monthly group calls 
  • 1 VIP call per month
  • Access to all of the programs released during the year
  • Life Mastermind Success Replays
  • Bonuses + Fun
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  • 2 monthly group calls
  • 1 VIP call per month
  • Access to all of the programs released during the year
  • Life Mastermind Success Replays
  • Bonuses + Fun
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