Self-Love Therapy for the Holidays 🍁🍂🍃🎄

Nov 23, 2022
Maybe you've dedicated the last 20 years to try to make two areas better and it has been so annoying to regulate.
~ Love + Money ~
You’re loving and enjoying your life.
There are some parts of it that can be better.
Why is it taking so long and when will it be your turn?
You've tried to stop receiving unhealthy love interactions or experiences that make you feel undesirable, and unloved, leave you broken, and ultimately feel alone.
"When will it be my turn?"
It’s hard to show up at work or in your business when your personal life leaves you shattered, broken, and defeated.
Jodi wanted so much too. Her lover Henry was an asshole to her (her words).
He didn't offer her the love that she wanted and she felt like she wasted 10 years of her life. 
She wanted out so badly. There was one problem. She also wanted her business to thrive so she could feel even more secure about leaving. 
We began working together and she elevated her business with massive growth in a short matter of time. Her healing process happened in the background and we processed each "energetically closed door" to safe and healthy love and cash flow. 
When it came to your business, you want so much for yourself.
You want freedom of time, clients to help and support, and you want to taste the money of your Soul’s Dreams.
When will it be your turn?
Right Now!
Like Jodi, you will heal the frequencies of love surrounding and encompassing your journey. 
Your thoughts and views about love and money will upgrade. With ease. 
Like Jodi, you’ll elevate your messaging and convert your message into sales. 
You can also do like my client Cindy and transition into another position or career field that generates more wealth opportunities for you.
Self-Love Therapy has been around going on 5 years now (2017).
Taking you through a simple process of refreshing your alignment with LOVE and MONEY.
Gives you the life giving tools and skills that you need to care for your mental and emotional health - all while implementing tools and concepts that will increase revenue in any field.
Self-Love Therapy is the foundation for all bosses and career-driven people who access action steps and practices that continue to uphold your abundant nature and journey. 
Despite our changing world and talks about a recession, there is one thing that will help you rise and stay above whatever is to come.
I would like to invite you to be intrigued. To be curious. 
To be open to a NEW FRESH WAY of mind redesign, emotional vibrations are raised. 
Your Soul's Dreams gently move forward and moving toward you - as you move toward it with ease and with flow. 
Bath your energetic frequency with my recently updated Self-Love Therapy Experience.
Let’s elevate your LOVE Life and your MONEY. 
My TWO favorite things aside from my THREE favorite people (my daughter, my son, my niece).
Join me in this 12-month container of redesign. 

See you soon and sending you love!

Dr. Elsie Blass


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