Self-Confidence {Rated MATURE}

podcast self-confidence self-love theapy episode 9 self-love therapy program Feb 04, 2022

Hello Loves! 

Today on the PODCAST we're talking about Self-Confidence. One of my beautiful members said one of the "SELF" words in the comments and that lit up my juice. 

If anyone says a self word around me, I always ask myself, Wouldn't it be great or fun to jump into this topic?" 

If the answer is YES! I'm all in!

So today I recorded another episode of Self-Love Therapy. You can find the episode here in the BLOG but, usually, it's here on the CAST or found on iTunes

I decided to also make a quick video to bring more information and entertainment to the now RATED MATURE topic of Self-Confidence.

What I didn't add was to TOUCH. Hug yourself daily. So we cover to see, hear and touch in this episode.

I didn't know self-confidence could be rated mature but with me - you just never know. 

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Let's dive into today's message. 




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