Running A Spirit-led Business {Journal Prompts}

Aug 06, 2023
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Running A Spirit-led Business {Journal Prompts}
Hi Babes,
I would like to share some amazing journal prompts for you to use in your journaling and processing time.
This was taken from Module 6 of The Calm + Sexy Program that I have called God + Flow.
This program is all about running your business with ease. Here is the link just in case you are curious about what more is designed for you and your Spirit-led brand.
Running A Spirit-led Business Journal Prompts
A Sunday Special ✨
- A Spirit-led business (to me) means ______________.
- What that looks like for me is ______________.
- What I need to have in my Spirit-led business plan is ____________.
- My Spirit-led schedule will include _______________.
- What I need to implement God into is ______________.
- What I need/want from God is ______________.
- What I need to remember is ____________.
- The ways I may fall off of my schedule is _____________.
- I can implement ____________ to help with times that I may fall off.
- I may not be perfect at __________ in the beginning and that's okay.
- The kind of relationship that I want with (God/Holy Spirit, Jesus, Angels, ancestors, Krishna, Buddha, Source, etc.) is _________.
- My weekly personal or business meetings with Source will look to have _____________ included.
- My weekly business itinerary will be ___________. Create a document outline and print it out and place it in a clear sleeve. Start a business binder with clear sleeves to help you stay focused, professional and help you to take your business seriously.
- Journal and see what comes up for you. What is God calling for you to do, be, have, or implement in your business?
- How can I support you in this? Send me a private message.


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