Meditation Series Pt 3: Clean Your Frequency

Apr 29, 2023
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Meditation Series Pt 3: Clean Your Frequency

 Clean Your Frequency and Channels ~

It is important to clean the channels between you and others and between you and Source or the unseen. 

Self-Love Journal Prompts: 

  • What blockages do I have concerning this one topic, concept, idea, situation, person, place, or thing?
  • What belief(s) do I have that can be hindering my flow?
  • How can I see this differently? 
  • How can I vibrate a new belief, a new though process, a new outcome? 

Here's Why:

  • Your manifestation depends on it
  • Your belief and disbelief needs fine tuning and adjustments
  • Your relationships need this to be prosperous and allow for elevation

 It's like a blood clot...

Negative thought toward others and or a situation and continued negative thoughts toward your circumstance 

Here's How: 


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