Meditation Series Pt 1: Five Different Forms of Meditation To Implement

Apr 21, 2023

5 Easy Forms of Meditation 

  • Mindfulness (Awareness) Meditation
  • Movement Meditation
  • Spiritual Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation 
  • Clock Time Meditation


The Topics For Discussion Are The Following:

Benefits of meditating.

Setting your intention(s).

What to expect.

Key tips for meditating.

Quieting your mind.

Receiving wisdom for your daily concerns.

What you may need during your meditation.

How long should you meditate?

How To Meditate.


14 Benefits of Meditating:

1. Meditation reduces stress.

2. It improves concentration.

3. Encourages a healthy lifestyle and a balanced mind.

4. The practice increases self-awareness where you get to know yourself.

5. It increases happiness and acceptance.

6. It helps you to relax.

7. It allows wisdom to come to you in many ways, signs, and symbols, even

when you are not meditating at that moment.

8. It helps you feel less lonely.

9. It lowers depression risk and anxiety.

10. It's known to help you sleep better.

11. It supports weight loss goals.

12. Better memory.

13. More creativity.

14. More compassion.



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