3 Tips For Getting Out Of Your Day Job - Session

Dec 28, 2022
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3 Tips For Getting Out Of Your Day Job - Session

Here are 3 tips to get out of your day job! 

Tip #1

Work with class and with the intention that you're committed to your Soul's dream. Go to work joyful and be willing to be great there too. 

You don't have to give 1000% but be willing to give 100%. Also, be mindful of not giving more than your energy will allow on any given day. Unless you feel it in your soul to do so. 

The point here is to be your best even on your way out of your day job. Don't let them drain the life out of you. Be willing to follow your intuition on what is the right kind of behavior to offer. 

Tip #2

Be willing to wake up early and most often than not, stay up late 2 to 5 days a week.

It really depends on how much your day job is pulling from you. 

It's also dependent on what life is throwing at you. It's okay that your business comes second or third to other things pulling at your attention. One day soon you'll be able to switch things around. For now, enjoy what amount of love you're giving your planted, budding, or growing business. 

Be willing to wake up at 3:30 am once a week, 4:30 am twice a week, or 5 am three to four times a week. 

My recommendation is to get up 2 hours before you would begin getting ready for work. This is because the first 30min is grabbing your morning drink (water, tea, coffee, shake), stretching, and waking up your energy to pulse information for your business.

An hour for your meditations, journaling, emailing potential clients, creating your program or package, writing your marketing and sales copy, writing ideas and planning your next photoshoot, etc. 

The last 30 minutes are for closing out your thoughts and feelings and writing what you will do today to generate the feeling that you want to feel. 

Close the morning with a kiss, a prayer, a stretch, or anything that makes you feel complete. Go get ready for work power charged. 

Sleep in on weekends. Or pick two days a week to sleep in. Preferably two days back to back. If possible, or mix it up seasonally if needed on how and what days during the week you'll sleep in. 

Sometimes my two days are together and sometimes they're apart. I do what I can. So will you! I believe in you. 


Tip #3

Don't listen to other people and their opinion on how you're running your business. Take it like it's info and see if you feel good about it or if what they are saying feels foreign. 

Don't take on their beliefs of what is possible for you. 

You make the rules and you set the bar. 

You'll meet the bar most days and on other days you'll fall short. Who cares. You're going to get up and get back out there and push the envelope on what you want to make happen for yourself. 

This is your life. Your one chance. Make it count. Make it work. change things. Be willing to see things differently. You're paving the way for success. Which means you're already living out your success now. 

You've already started the journey. Let's Go!


Self-Love Journal Prompts

Journal through what we've spoken about today. Pick one of these three tips to journal through. Or journal through each one. 

  1. What came up for you?
  2. What spoke to you?
  3. What would you like to implement? 

I have a special link for you to begin your 2023 in self-love, love, business, and financial increase. 

We start January 14th! Sending you love! 

Dr. Elsie Blass




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