DAY 1: Sell Your Offer From This Fresh NEW Space

Jun 05, 2022
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DAY 1: Sell Your Offer From This Fresh NEW Space

Welcome to Day 1!

Sell Your Offer From This Fresh NEW Space

Your Relationship With Your Offer May Be The Problem.

There are 3 reasons money doesn't come from your offer.

  1. Relationship with offer
  2. Delivering the right communication style to your audience
  3. Holding space and emotional support toward yourself


Relationship With Your Offer

You speak to your family, friends, God, colleagues, and whomever else you may be in a relationship with. Including yourSelf. What if I told you that your offer desires to be spoken to? What if I told you that your offer has something to say to you? 

Your offer has a way of communicating in your messaging and marketing. Your offer has a marketing style that converts to sales. It wants to share this with you. Does your offer have feminine energy or masculine energy? Does your offer have neutral energy? Speak to your offer showing that you respect its energy, its form, its movement, its gestures, its love language - if you will. 

Here are some questions to ask your offer:

  • What energy feels good for you to move in and through? 
  • How do you want to be spoken to?
  • What words of love would you like to hear from me?
  • What kind of quality time feels good for you? 
  • Now, ask yourself, what can your offer say to you daily that would make you feel loved and supported? 

 Great Job! 

Delivering the right communication style to your audience

Many coaches sell the method that worked for them. This is great because you get to see what methods exist in the world. But, what happens when you buy into their method and their methodology doesn't work for you?

  • What happens when part of their method doesn't resonate with you?
  • Do you tweak it and then make it yours?
  • Do you give up on their whole method even after the first try?
  • Where's the consistency?
  • In what method have you been consistent? 
  • Out of all of the marketing styles you've exposed yourself to, which is the one (or mix and match) feels right for you?

Holding space and emotional support toward yourself

Do you know what else suffocates your sales and makes money from your amazing gifts and offers? 

Low energy. 

How does low energy happen and what causes it? Let's discover another way of provision. When we offer Self-provision in high-energy, we shift the energy around our offer and it positions us for receiving and increase. 

Knowing when to give and receive: Sometimes you may market your offer and are in a state of giving and in a state of lack or thirst energy. Giving knowledge and wisdom, providing motivation and inspiration, and asking for the sale are magnetic when it comes from a foundational state of "I'm already there" energy. When you're in the energy of I already have my shit together energy. I already have the 5-figures or 6-figures (a month) energy in my account. 

It's okay to go in and out of this energy field. That's normal. All you have to do is normalize in and out the frequency and remind yourself when it's time to step back in. I used to lack self-support and shame myself or feel terrible that I couldn't continually stay in this energy and space. The right thing to do is normalize the highs and lows of thoughts within my mind and love and support my way back to health, wealth, and abundance. 

I want you to ask yourself if today is the day for giving in your marketing or receiving in your marketing. How do we position ourselves to receive in marketing? What qualifies a post as receiving? 

  1. Write to your audience from a place of being. Being in the energy of receiving. It's all in the energy when you're writing. The verge may be in the giving, but your energy stays in receiving. Speak from a place of authority. Ask for the sale because you're worthy of receiving it. Your knowledge and wisdom are deserving of being paid for. 
  2. Roll your shoulder back when you write your messaging. Come with that 5 million dollar energy when you show up in the world. Stay in the energy as long as you can during the day. 
  3. Messaging. Ah, messaging! The art and the science of sharing your message and converting it into sales. It's the one thing that I had to pay someone $11,000 to do. With big sales and big energy, comes big investments. When I was willing to learn and pay for a high ticket offer, I was able to step into a different frequency and space that elevated my soul more than ever before. 

Thank you for joining me today! If you loved Day 1 of Self-Love + Sales, comment below. I'd love to hear from you. I want to know what's one takeaway and or result that helped you ease into a new way of selling your amazing offer. 

I'll see you on Day 2! 

Sending you love, light, and everything right! 

Elsie Blass



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