Cure Trauma + Self-Sabotage

Apr 04, 2023
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Cure Trauma + Self-Sabotage

There were years of unhealed trauma just vibrating in my body and the body of my clients. 

We just got to a place where we just couldn't take it anymore. That's the point you finally reach when you're like, "Okay, that's enough. I'm sick of dealing with this shit. I'm sick of attracting and choosing people who are toxic or not ready or understand the dynamics of healthy love and interactions. I'm f***ing done." 

The past will show up in your career, your relationships, your money, and your overall physical well-being.

Are you experiencing aches and pains?? 

Did you know that unhealed trauma stores itself in your body and begins to deteriorate your longevity and breaks down your mind-body system? 

If the past has been holding you back or keeping you captive mentally and emotionally - this retreat is for you. 

Learn Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how to heal yourself through empowering self-love therapy sessions.

Clear the past right away.

**Includes holistic and spiritual practices, exercises, and body movements that allow the mind and body to repair from previous and current life experiences.

Get Ready! Begin to make a list of relationships, trauma, abuse, and past discomforts that you want to clear for good.

What you'll receive:

  • Live {morning} healing and therapy sessions
  • Access to a self-guided 3-day retreat
  • Healing meditation session 

Receive access to the self-guided retreat right away. 

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