Big Dreams + Goal Magnet Masterclass

masterclasses Apr 21, 2022
✨Big Dreams + Goal Magnet Masterclass✨
Acceptance + Commitment Therapy: The Life You Want Starts Now
This episode is all about helping you meet your desired goals and visions.
Many clients try to implement manifesting and yet they still struggle to receive.
What if you applied the easy and simple tools of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy into practice?
Join and watch the masterclass now and be ready to up-level and receive freedom by the end of this episode.
**The booklet that comes with today's episode will be released Friday, April 22, 2022. The link will be here for download. However, you can definitely complete the class with this video alone. Grab your pen and paper or smart device for note-taking.
More masterclasses and upgrades are available when you join "RISE."
It's my signature membership where you can receive access to all current programs such as Self-Love Therapy, BOSS, and my latest course - ICON Masterclass for ALL of the ICONS out there waiting for your BIG BREAK.
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