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May 24, 2023

Hello, Friends!

Before I moved to the beach I lived in a busy part of a city. I wanted to live by the beach since I was in my 20s. 

My then-husband and I weren't ready for such a major change in our growing family. With life's changes and the closure of our marriage, I was forced to focus on income, up-leveling my education, finding ways to upgrade my lifestyle to offer my children a safer area to live in, and so many other things.

With moments of finding ways to increase, it wasn't easy to keep my single mom parenting in optimum performance. It was so challenging! Plus the relationship I found myself in afterwards wasn't the dream relationship I once thought it would be. 

Still, I forged a way for myself and during the pandemic, I realized that I just couldn't live in this big city anymore. I wanted peace and relaxation. My daughter was entering adulthood and my son didn't want to live 3.5 hours away from family. 

The beach life, at that time, just wasn't for him. He wanted me to move back but the city just wasn't good for my mental health. I also made the most money that I've ever made by living in this new city. 

To be honest, at first, living in this new city felt like a blessing and a curse all at the same time. But, sometimes you have to wait it out, fight through, and give things a chance to settle themselves. 

Empty nest, loneliness, money woes, and trying to find my place in this new environment was the hard part. 

I am able to provide so much more than I ever have been. 

I've had family talk about me and tell other family members that I abandoned my kids. This is definitely not true. In the state of Florida, a child at the age of 12 can choose where and who they want to live with. 

Although my son wanted to live with me, he wanted to live with me in the city that he wanted to be in and it was also a city that offered me stress and anxiety. 

I could have moved back. It would have hindered my flow of being able to succeed in ways that would later benefit him and my daughter. 

Sometimes as a parent or even as a person, some people will talk about you. They won't be able to make sense of your moves. 

Only you can determine what is of benefit to and for your children and family. Will my son come live with me again? I hope so! Will my daughter? I hope so.

Right now, their journey has them in Orlando. I stay connected and continue to manifest our bond with ease and with flow. I also secretly hope that these beach vibes call them home to me. 

As a mom, I needed this upgrade. To be a better mom and a financially secure person, this was the move I needed to make. 

I remember dropping them off at school and driving to the beach and visualizing our new life and lifestyle. 

As they got older it seemed to draw me closer and closer to the manifestation. I'd leave work early and forward the work phone to my cell phone just to taste the ocean and feel the sand with my toes before picking them up from school. 

We have to allow visualization and experience the manifestation any way we can as much as we can - until it comes to pass. 

Never give up on your dreams, your visions, or your ability to manifest

We all have peace of mind now. We're dreaming and allowing our relationship to flourish in this amazing new relationship of mommy and baby, daughter and mother, and son and mother.

It's a new day. And just like each sunset is different, so is each new day. We can enjoy the beauty and differences that we all share and reach new goals with self-belief and self-trust. 

Building your brand or empire with ease and with flow means that you trust the process. It means hiring support and entering into a container where you are supported by others, you're receiving direction, coaching, and teachings that will help you succeed as well as thrive. 

I've created the CALM + SEXY MASTERMIND. Designed to help you heal the parts of you that are craving freedom. Heal the part of you that holds your business growth in limbo, and to teach you a new fresh way to market and convert your message into sales. 

As a bonus, I added a new module. Module 7 is tailored to your health, nutrition, and fitness. Every boss can benefit from feeling good and making more money - with ease. 

Have you listened to the Upgrade Your Life Series? Check out episodes 74-76 on my podcast

Join me in the CALM + SEXY MASTERMIND and begin living your best life now!

With Love, 



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