You're the GOAT in your field and the GO to person in your industry.

You can see the vision and hear your Soul's Dreams calling you by name. 

Receive a plan that goes with your vision. 

Make BIG achievements and big LEAPS with VIP support with MIND REDESIGN and ENERGY elevations.



Your membership begins in:











  • Self-Love
  • Health
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Sex
  • Romance
  • Vitality

When chasing your career or dream life, relationships can take a toll.

Often times the cleaning and clearing of previous attractions and perceptions that kept entrepreneurs feeling unloved and unsatisfied will soon dissolve. 

Distractions and limitations soon fade into the distance with only healthy love to explore. 

Your personal life is fully supported here so you can get back to fulfilling your vision, and mission, and making money. 


  • Mindset
  • Business Innovation
  • Momentum
  • Revenue Increase
  • Sales
  • Alignment
  • Frequency
  • Skills

Sometimes $50M is just not enough. I remember when $100M wasn't enough.

We dream dreams of better days, we grow, we want more and with more ease, and we're motivated to give more. 

That comes with having more and reaching beyond.

Either way, you'll stabilize and elevate your mind, emotions, and energy to support your big vision.

Your soul dreams are cared for here.



Clean up the background so you can own the limelight.

Let's make our dreams come true!

Experience 3 Retreats A Year
The AWAKEN Invitation
Soul Dreams Podcast
Ep. 107 - High-Level Impact Goal Tips

Lana K.

"Elsie really understood my introverted and shy side. I own my title and skills in a whole new way. I truly have changed the way that I speak, move, and show up in the office. Management already made me aware of the coming opportunities. I know it's the confidence piece and the self-love elevation that Elsie has eloquently and clearly gifted me. I see myself in a whole new light. The girls are even looking at me differently. So, I guess we're on to love next. Let's do it!"

Finance Forecaster

Krista P.

"I always come back to Elsie because of her love and dedication to my million-dollar mission. Two years in business and I just hit $840k. We're getting close!"

Real Estate 

Jim S.

Els' Mind Redesign is brilliant! Building the structures within my marketing and in having a team of 50 people - was such a powerful shift for me. This also helped me in the ecosystem of building my brand with ease. I'm blown away. We increased revenue within the first 43 days of working together. 



Your journey begins in:










Innovative Mind Redesign is what I'm known for. Exploring new ways that work with new versions of you. 

This style of framework allow us to support you, grow with you and along side you and your brand to reach newer or higher forms of revenue.

We love money and we love love. And we're innovative and strategic with it.


With each stage and new levels of growth, there's a moment of stabilizing the mind body energy.

With a new identity, we've learned a stabilizing practice that allows for you to be more at ease.

As you take time for you, my team and I will be there supporting your identity and frequency changes.

Stability is a form of peace. 


Holistic care and modalities that heal and transform your physical and spiritual body.

Using pilates, yoga, meditation, and massage, we move stored emotions and energy that is stuck in our body on every live call.

Once cleared and therapy applied during our live calls, you'll learn different modalities to care for yourself, your family, and your clients. 

Self-Love & The Dreams Within Your Soul 

There is that one moment when you have a dream that awakens you even more when you think about it. It lights you up. 

All of a sudden, the blocks, fears, and limitations reveal themselves to you. 

You're faced with either going all in or allowing it all to slow you down and limit you in some capacity, and one thing that I know is that nothing keeps you down. 

You already know that nothing can keep you down for long.

Taking your power back from people, places, and things is now the easy part. No longer wasting energy, time, or money. It's time to innovative.

The question is...

"Am I willing to put in the effort and perseverance required to meet my wealth (financial/health/relationship) objectives?"

We may not want to believe this but, our happiness depends on us to make decisions that will lead to enhancing our quality of your life.

It's like our happiness is an entity that says, "Hey, move closer or I will not be happy and I will not feel well about us."

Decide what you want and who is going to help you get there. 

I would love for you to join me, and if you're open and available to it, then view our schedule and see if it is a right fit for you. 

Start or continue living like 'you mean it.'

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Self-Love Therapy Podcast
Identity. Frequency. Stability.


What You Need To Know

Q+A Calls: 1-2 hours each depending on the need and how many members have joined the call.

My goal is to make sure that everyone feels complete by the end of the call.

We officially start this January 2024.


In the meantime, you can receive VIP calls using this fantastic schedule below.



I've learned over the years that it's just as important to rest, restore, explore, and or implement when you have time off from our live calls. 

So I decided to create this special schedule for spirit-led clients that value their personal time. 

* VIP consulting/coaching/therapy phone sessions are available every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. From 6am-2pm EDT

Feel free to have a dedicated journal for our live calls.

I recommend dressing comfy for therapy days.

Energy clearing and some mindredesign sessions will use methods that change the phisiology of your body for quicker therapy results. 


You are an explorer of self and dedicated to your vision. You're also committed to however long the process takes. 

* You're willing to take quantum leaps and or are receptive to taking your time through the process. 

* You get to choose when you leap forward and when you'll take your time. 

* You can get coached on any topic, as many times within any of our live calls. 

I'm sure by now you've heard that you're responsible for your results. This is true. I'm coming with 200% and then some. 




In-person or online, we're coming together once a year to rejuvenate and reset.

With a touch of recalibration, you'll feel refreshed to go back into your desired goals to keep the flow of energy clean and stable.

You're bold and courageous. Curious even. You love exploring yourself with ease.

You're looking for a new system and a refreshing new perception of life, love, self-love, money, relationships, and fun shiny objects we as humans love.

You want to bring some newness to your brand, and your vibe, and elevate your personal life + relationships. You can use some new and fresh energy.

Here is a vortex, vibe, and container that you can be more expansive in. Bring more of you in. Allow a new fresh you to emerge. 

Evolving your soul and your overall life experience. 

Facilitated by your very own psychologist, coach, and mentor to provide a spiritually led - magical experience - each and every year.


Welcome to SDM!

Choose the option below that gives you a full body yes. I can't wait to connect with you soon! 

Visit my FAQs below or email my team at [email protected]




5-Month {5/m Payments}

  • One 1-2 hour call a week¬†each week¬†(3X month)
  • A personalized plan and action steps list each week.
  • Access to any and all programs created during the year
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5-Month {1 Payment}

  • One 1-2 hour call a week¬†each week (3X month)
  • A personalized plan and action steps list each week.
  • Access to any and all programs created during the year
Yes, I'm Ready!

Carrie L.

"I found my way to the top with Elsie's proven Calm + Sexy Method. I started attracting available people which led me to a $600k quarter. Now, we're using the same method for finding love. I'm feeling more awake and powerful."

Marketing Coach

Judy K.

"I received an offer for a new position after working with Els to create and build my digital portfolio. She helped me organize and she used her visual merchandising skills to help me sell myself and sell my products online. Manager by day and entrepreneur by night, we're creating the transition so smoothly. I love 'E' she's so great."

Executive Manager


Your Baddest Year Yet

Every A-Lister experiences a moment of change, transformation, and evolution. And they want it with ease. I mean, who doesn't?

You're looking for a secure and emotionally stable container that is designed to hold space for a badass like you.

 If you're not sure if this container is the right environment for your level of massive growth, click below to speak with Dr. Blass. 

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