Is Your Current Self-Concept or Past Affecting Your Business?

I get it lovely, you're an amazing person, partner, and boss and you have a passion and confidence within you that wants to be unleashed. When you close your eyes you dream of feeling loved, making an impact, and being recognized for your love, gifts, and magic.

Healing your personal life and having peace and stability in your private relationships is a golden ticket to thriving even more in your business.

In order to do that you want to stand out, elevate your self-worth, have a partner honor your presence, and be fully booked with your ideal clients.

You may even want to work less and increase your nourished bank account.

The problem is that you don't know how to stabilize your love life and pivot to increase your incomeAnd right now you may feel unloved, unseen, and underappreciated.

I believe you shouldn't have to be chasing love and clients when you're so loveable and you're great at what you do.

You think you need more strategy and tactics but in reality, you need to clear your energy so that you can magnetize love and clients with more ease and flow.

You may also think that you need to be chosen, but what you need is the skills for love and sales in order to bring your confidence back.

If your past or current relationship is taking up too much mental space and it's hindering how you show up in your great work. Our calls will help you heal and stabilize your personal life with ease. 

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, it's never good enough, you're not alone.

Hey, ICON!" I teach Self-Concept Therapy to bosses like you. 

The devotion that you have toward sharing your great work is cultivated here and transformed into increasing your cash received through increasing your self-esteem and self-worth as a BOSS.

The ICON in you can use a comfortable energetic setting to open and unlock your greatness. 



"We'll lay down the contents of who you are—taking the manual that carries all of your collective beliefs and stories. Think of it as commands that are computing the hard drive of your mind. We are choosing new mental and energetic settings for you.  

These simple powerful commands define your destiny. These new commands allow you to receive your next level of wealth consistently as a byproduct of what you share with the world and within your self-concept. It's all easy to attain. This is your new normal." 

"Yes, I'm Ready!"


You have soulmate clients signing up for your high-paying offer. You're recognized as the industry leader in your field. Your partner sees you and recognizes you as a sexy lover, an intelligent business person and your bank accounts feel more nourished than ever before. 

Your ideal life is calling and tugging at your heartstrings. You know that you're meant to make even more money this year. 

You know that you're ready to stop self-sabotage and behaviors that leave you feeling demotivated and lacking faith in yourself. 

You're stepping into a place mentally and emotionally where you are respected and your standards of attracting and tolerating behaviors and character traits that others offer are set to NEW EMOTIONAL ALGORITHMS. 

All of that which came before is removed. It is over now. 

This ELEVATION EVOLUTION STUDIO is designed to help you show up powerfully so you can attract or improve a fulfilling relationship, and create a profitable business that is aligned with your purpose which gets you results or an impact. 



A self-modification framework designed to help leaders, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs to:

  • Heal, restore, and reprogram. Giving you iconic confidence in love and in business.
  • Reshape emotional muscles to bring forth your magnetic power.
  • Lean into your vision energetically and use simple skills to bring that same vision into reality.

Mastering mental and emotional stability and selling your magic iconically will set you apart in the marketplace.

"My brand promise is to help you stabilize your personal life and your sales system so you can get back to having fun and freedom. Enjoying your life is my promise."


Learn how to detach your self-confidence and self-worth from people and previous experiences and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul.

In 7 week gentle fast track as a CEO and leader:

  • Create a business that produces results
  • Improve or attract healthy and meaningful relationships
  • Stabilize your love and money
  • Establish a strong sense of self or self-concept

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.


Feel energized and secure in running a business with more ease. Sustain the longevity of your business health, and the lifestyle that you deserve by reviewing goals, amplifying your self-love, and implementing your newfound skills.

Learn how to disconnect from the noise, the fear, and the unworthiness around you. Connect your desires to your will. 


WEEK #1-2

REALITY REDESIGN: Core foundations and building tools of self-love explored. Incorporate it into your daily personal life, business, and lifestyle.

Heal and bring closure to previous experiences that block love and money. Unlock and unleash the power of the icon in you. MIND. BODY. BUSINESS. The module provides foundational care for all ICONS. 

My 4-part Self-Love Foundation Framework 

Emotions are precision instruments. They can be used to achieve great things. 

Once your reality redesign is in motion, all things will change.

Rewiring the past and removing the power that it has will allow you to reach new heights without the limitations it has assigned you thus far.

Your freedom is aligned with your new reality redesign.  


SELF-CONCEPT UPGRADES: This module is so refreshing.

Set your NEW compass and attraction point.

It's the SELF-IDENTITY EXCHANGE. How can I see this situation or topic differently? You'll exchange one thought and belief for another that's more rewarding. One that is already deep within and just needs to surface.

Exchange one identity for another with ease, gentleness, love, support, and guidance.

An Identity Evolution Practice is so serving to you as you'll evolve into new versions of yourself that bring happiness to your personal life and to your business. 

Releasing beliefs and replacing them will give your soul freedom. It has helped countless clients including myself raise the bar financially and receive the love that we deserve. 


MIND REDESIGN: Right from your kitchen you can review encouraging content to help you redesign your mind through a psychitecture practice that you can depend on to reroute thoughts and beliefs that will clear distortions and assumptions. It's a high-level design to clean up mentalities that hold you back from attracting love, money, and freedom within your business structure.

Take a step-by-step approach in developing a different kind of relationship with your gains, possessions, and even your loved ones.

EMOTIONAL MASTERY: Whether dating yourself, your current partner or a new one, you'll overcome discomforts such as grief, jealousy, sadness, fear, anxiety, worry, shame, and so many other natural and very normal emotions that show up for us during our lifetime. 

Your Genius Lab: We'll easily identify valued threat detections for your emotional and mental health. We'll articulate the change of the stimulus. I'll do some for you and then we'll do plenty of it together so you can take over and stay in charge. 

In business and in love this Genius Method is potent and powerful when you can rearrange and redesign your mind quickly and easily with no struggle. 


MAGNETIC EVOLUTION: Powerful + potent methods for a peaceful mind offered in meditation introspection process. 

Change the algorithms that lead most people astray from making 6-7 figure months, attracting love, and running a successful business. 

Break free from distortions of memory, predictions, or pattern recognition in this distortion introspection groundwork that unlocks and reveals the inner universe. 

Magnetic Life Qualifier: In order to qualify for the life that you want, your mind has to arrange your magnetic energy as a ready and available source of receiving. 

You already qualify since the vision of having your desired outcome has been revealed to you. Your belief, energy, and actions have to align to receive a full-body yes. 

We set the stage, easily implement, and magnify.

You'll be able to be the magnetic force that attracts ALL that you desire and be a boss without limitations. 

Bonus 1: Magnetic marketing + Sales bonus session included.

Bonus 2: Luxury Love + Spice bonus session included.


LOVE TOOLS: Every ICON and Boss has a personal life that needs healing, love, clearing, shifting, adjusting, aligning, and a whole lot of gentle care.

LM is a module designed to take care of your personal life and the relationships that matter most.

Leaving you full of energy and magnetic power to show up in your business the way you desire. Feel the increase of love, money, time, and energy when you take care of the things behind the scenes. It's all kept 'Off The Record.' 

Communication tools, long-lasting love skills, and relationship health and abundance movements that leave you and your current or potential partner refreshed each and every day. 

Identify safe and unsafe people. Energetically pick a love interest based on tuning in from a healed place.

Receive tools for the best sex, affectionate partner, and dream love life with an energetic and magnetic experience to take with you. 


MONEY MIDSET MAKEOVERBe a boss without limitations. Disconnect from beliefs that keep you from receiving. Connect to aligned thoughts.

The pricing module and magnetic money mindset allow for extraordinary shifts in your Money Mindset Makeover

Energetic practices and logical steps are a great cocktail for abundance. Start your money-generating practices today.

Combining both energetics and logical steps with guidance to reaching your multi-millionaire status

This week is also the week that we check in with any questions or concerns with any of the previous learning skills you acquired. 

We'll make sure that you are stable energetically, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

If we feel that you can use a week for additional stabilizing, I offer a weekly bonus of support. I've never had a client need this thus far, however, it's available to all of my clients. 



There is a difference between when we pursue what we love {Love + Money} and chasing people and clients.

I'm guilty of both. I've emotionally, mentally, and energetically chased two partners for love, affection, and respect. 

Since commitment is one of my core values, I was committed to making both relationships work. My self-exploration and self-modification journey started and continued because of those experiences. 

Fifteen years into my business I realized that I had a running theme of chasing love and money. When was it going to be my turn to receive and have those two things come to me?

What if you didn't chase? What if you lean in? Pursuing is leaning into the joy of what you want. Put the techniques you learn into practice during our coaching calls.

This is a safe place where working on your self-love journey is vital to receiving healthy love, affection, respect, and clients to support yourself, your family, and your community.

Your soul dreams are waiting for you to say yes to elevated self-love and sales.

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!


I help successful people take up space in the market and take back authority and control in their personal life while pivoting in their current business and selling their evolving or new offer(s). 

My clients take back their power in their personal life and are able to fully show up in their business because there's peace at home

Hi! I'm Elsie Blass.

We're creatives, lovers of self, evolving leaders, magnifiers, and badasses that have come here to help others unlock their unique brilliance, and we're here to enjoy life, food, money, cars, traveling, sex, and running our empire in our swimsuits and with ease. 

We're here to make an impact and to enjoy the pleasures of life. Living without limitations. I know you want to love sales but right now it feels a little sticky. You want to convert faster and with more ease. Let's do it!

You want to have an enriching and satisfying love life. Relationships that bring you peace, ease, and relaxation. A partnership that brings full-body pleasure. I know. I did too. I wanted and now have an enjoyable and fulfilling personal life and business. 

I know who I serve, and how to sell, and I feel satisfied with each of my relationships.

You're ready to make decisions from the energy of wealth.

"I use the strategies I learned in module one to care and manage all of my goals. Module one helped me show up for myself and my family in incredible ways. That module alone is worth the entire program."

Dina Porters

"I love the live practice sessions included in the program. Being able to put what I learned into practice right away was powerful. The additional 6 weeks of support is a great touch. I created my offer and I was easily able to sell it with full confidence. Owning my life again and my business feels so damn good!"

Petra Shrew

"I've been going in circles for years. I never had a messaging strategy that was so potent. I didn't understand when a post worked and when it didn't. I attracted clients who would never spend their money on a high-end program. I knew something had to change. I had my first 5-figure month last year. This year, I had my first 6-figure month. Using the same principles Elsie taught me!"

Suzanna Shepherd

"I raised my energy and standards. I raised my prices and made my first 6-figure month. I feel completely confident in how I market and sell my program. I have a schedule that's easy. I take care of my mind, my body, and my business. Elsie is amazing! I feel whole."

Tara M.

"I must truly thank Elsie for all her wisdom and for guiding me to the life I’ve always wanted to live. I was a product of living my life based on what and how people wanted me to live. I had no control over my own life. I had spent years living with a narcissist who really broke me down mentally. There came a time when my energy kept rejecting my relationship and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I made the decision to reach out to Elsie because I loved what she stood for on her social media platform. During our sessions, she really listened to me. Elsie was always available when I needed her. Most importantly, she taught me how to protect my space and value my self-worth. The tools and resources she provided me with have been life-changing and I constantly use them daily. Elsie saved me and I am forever grateful for her. "

Katherine Rolon


With a nourished and premium mindset you're able to elevate your life experience, advance, improve, exceed, and fast track in love and in business using my GENIUS FORMULA.

  • Short cut your journey to transfering your vision into reality.
  • Advance your career through mentality reframe.
  • See results faster for stable emotional connections in attracting the right partner  or improving your relationship.
  • Imcrease your ROI, exceed income goals, and attract premium clients and premium relationships with ease.  


Have you ever felt like a previous life experience or a relationship was holding you back from being the LEADER, BOSS, or PARTNER that you need to be? Have you been feeling like you want to improve or attract a healthy and stable relationship? Or maybe for you, it's about bringing your vision into a tangible reality as a parent or business owner.

If so, then The Evolution Genius Lab is definitely for you. For me, it was ALL of the above and I would self-sabotage how I showed up in my business.

If your love life feels like it's draining you or if your business feels like it's fizzling out or needs pivoting, you've come to the right place.

I wasn't able to stand tall as the leader and boss that I needed to be. Some days I felt like hiding under a rock. I'd abandon my offers and hope that one day I could overcome thinking that it was finally going to be my big seller and my million-dollar idea. 

My previous partnership drained me and left me working 10x harder to fill up my cup and get back into the game. I, like many of my clients, believe in my business and in my healing work. 

We'll help you tune out the world around you, and break down those limiting walls with ease. You'll nurture and protect that new person within as you go through your daily life and run your empire and million-dollar idea.



The cycle is reliable. We can trust their guidance and where they'll lead us. We can catch and know when they're activated and what our end result will be. We hope for something to be different but we cycle back to its beginning. While some attempt to fight it every time, some learn to accept it until it causes discomfort again and then they hunger to break free, yet again are faced with the rubberband pull-back effect.

Pulling you back into the cycle and leaving you defeated.

Comfort can be powerfully sedative and seductive which breeds complacency and offers stability, and makes it difficult to do things we know we should.

It also creates an inner chaotic struggle and hinders evolution and magic that can come from further financial growth, promising love, inner freedom, and business satisfaction.

Choosing the same type of partner. Chasing clients. Reinforcing images and beliefs created from the past. Stuck in a cycle within your current relationships. All can use a recording of cycles.

Your old reinforcements will be gone in as little as 7 weeks, and new ones will have time to take their place. 

You'll acclimate to this new you and new life. 

Letting go of comfort and embracing the unknown is met with a generous reward

Be encouraged to remove impossible obstacles with simple steps. All it takes it your commitment to processing, openness to learning, trust in your own abilities, and an effort to continually break out of and expand your comfort zone

A life limited to your comfort zone will almost certainly hold you back from your potential. 


Choose the right package for you!



2 monthly payments

  • Immediate access to all 7 modules
  • 2 weekly sessions for 7 weeks (14 total)
  • Access to call replays
  • Live text support



Save $300

  • Immediate access to all 7 modules
  • 2 weekly sessions for 7 weeks (14 total)
  • Access to call replays
  • Live phone + text support


Here are some answers to the most common questions people ask before joining EGL.