Luxe Living 

An interactive 1:1 coaching experience for women AND men who are seeking to reboot their motivation and reclaim their happiness.

Happiness may feel out of reach. Your fears hold you back, and your limiting beliefs prevent you from taking action. 

Enough is enough. 

You’re ready to…

  • Experience a healthier, more loving relationship with yourself.
  • Attract more love into your life.
  • Radically boost your happiness.
  • Increase your motivation so you can FINALLY go after your dreams.
  • Finally feel like you have it all together.

I’ll help you…

  • Shed your fears through practical, mindset tools.
  • Boost your self-love with a personalized, fun and manageable self-care routine.
  • Create goals with soul that will ignite your motivation.
  • Manifest your biggest dreams by utilizing the law of attraction in a simple, easy-to-follow formula.


 16 sessions + 30 days of post email support.


  • Extensive Welcome Packet
  • Sessions are vis FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger Video Chat
  • You have 6 months to use the sessions
  • Free access to ALL my Self-Study programs

Session Minutes

Choosing a 30/40/60 or 90 minute session is your choice. You’ll still receive the same results just in a shorter amount of time per session. Ideally it is based on a personal preference. Most clients are traveling or their work schedule allows for a break of some sort. Review your lifestyle and personality type and see what amount of time will work well for you. You can adjust the amount of time you’d like in a session to fit each season in your life. 



$188/60 minute session Sun-Thu
$280/90 minute session Sun-Thu

Additional Option

$125/40 minute session Sun-Thu
$94/30 minutes Sun-Thu

*Available Friday mornings.



I see LOVE differently now

“My view of love was based off of how I was treated and the things I’ve experienced in life. My view after experiencing Elsie’s healing program is of a clear mind. I feel like a veil has been removed.”

— Chris K

Self-love is a gift

“Self-love is a gift that I gave myself. Elsie helped me to understand the application of self-love in the different areas of life where it matters most. I attract people, places and things that reflect the self-love I’ve been able to manifest through her help.”

— Michelle Lex

A fusion of freedom + peace

“My life is now a fusion of freedom and peace. I found a way to have them both and keep them close. I choose these as options when life does that silly thing it does to try my patience. My business has really succeeded because of this.”

— Becky McCloud


Coaching while in your home or office.


Spend quality away time with family.

Working on YOU will not only benefit you but those around you. Your relationship with people, places and things will serve your journey well.