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Teachings and personalized sessions that will take you through a guided process toward healing and closure.

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Beautiful resources that you're going to love using. Easy downloadable and listening tools - experience a life of ease. 

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Fresh video tutorial sessions that build you up and provide a new fresh life experience where feeling empowered is a priority.

I've got a lot of great things to show you. 

My name is Elsie Blass. I teach the application of Self-Love. The things I cover in this AMAZING self-guided course are how to heal your past, present, and any possible future life experiences that can come up for you. It is honestly incredible. 

Self-Love Therapy Online

I dreamt of being healed. I dreamt of not feeling the effects or the pain of a life that had its great moments and had its great losses. I’ve been here 39 years and have altered my state of mind many times. Each time thinking higher thoughts. 

The goal ultimately is to heal the self and walk with truth, confidence and abundance. I lived just about three decades of giving my power away to others, to my old stories, to my peers, colleagues, bosses, pastors, and family members. 

At what point would I heal and restore my life to a state that I consider satisfactory? At what point would I learn about the application of self-love? 

My career in fashion, art, therapy, coaching, and life mentorship have all played a role in the delectable onset to "The Cure." The love cure. Self-love.

I always wanted to invent a pill that would take away pain and discomfort for myself and others. I created it with the help of the spiritual realm. Through meditation, God/Source and additional sacred help has offered these extraordinary tools for us to heal, balance our mind and emotional state, and thrive financially. 

I would only come of this cure by experiencing the terrible tales combined with each blessing that came with it. To love the self is a cure that is also a part of fulfilling the law. To love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Life is not easy. Sometimes it can be very hard - even challenging at times. There are plenty of times when I felt like giving up and letting go. I want to tell you that there is healing. There is closure. There is LOVE. There is so much more for you on the other side. I WILL teach you how to live your toughest life moments with peace and ease. I lived almost a year in inner and outer torment. I have the ability and have earned the right to help you upgrade yourself with ease and with flow. 

Your New Life Starts Now

You can choose the self-guided program or join the Self-Love Therapy (self-guided) program with an ongoing membership where you'll receive weekly uplifting and energizing tailored sessions that come from questions that each of the members send in each week.

We'll cover all of the life topics that you can encounter in a lifetime. You'll feel FULL and WHOLE. Each week we'll close the gaps from where you are to where you'd like to be. Some weeks we'll sit in BLISS and enjoy life together. Everything has it's divine timing.

Heal Within

Healing the child within was a liberating option. It was the toughest of all the things that have happened in my lifetime. Going back for her, the previous me (the different versions), was the breaking point to all of my future abundance. The kind that leaves you full instead of searching for more things to buy to soothe wounds, or interacting with people who didn't know how to regulate their own behaviors. 

For me, healing was about FREEDOM and POWER. It was about owning my past, present, and my future. It was about stopping what could happen before it actually did. It was about protection, safety, and control. These things were taken from me as a child. It was something that was supposed to be given freely. I soon learned that it was something that I was going to have to provide myself. The younger versions of me needed it and my current version needed it too. 

After some healing, I realized that it wasn’t even the fault of those who raised me. It was their level of understanding and healing that made way for my lack of knowledge also. My level of growth was dependent on those who came before me and their growth was based on the level they received while growing up. Who’s fault is it then? Does it have to be anyone? With all of the amount of thinking I did, I decided that I would no longer stay the same. That it was my turn to WIN. So, I went back for her. The 'me' in the picture. She cried out for safety, security, love, attention, healing, and all of the things she kept attracting me to - so that healing can occur.

My wounded shadow self once told me in a meditation, “Why do you think I keep attracting these broken people to you? Because I’m trying to expose the brokenness inside of me. When you heal me, I won’t need them to pull out the brokenness in you. There will be none.” So I went to work. I went back to each story to close a new layer. There are layers to each story. Once you find your core, you’ll be able to bounce back from situations so much faster. That's what is included in this amazing program. I have better control now. Much more. More peace. More love. More power. More stability.

It’s your turn to learn how to fully heal yourself. The time is now.

 A Successful Life

You’re nervous system has an entirely different intelligence. Once you heal the core stories that have caused you so much bullshit, you'll be so much more relaxed. So much more at ease. You will still be human and subjected to life challenges. Except this time you’ll have the life tools and skills that keep you on top. 

Build it and they will come. Build your foundation and the results are scandalous. Your dreams and visions are at arms reach because you know how to realign and regulate emotions that keep you from having the next thing. 

True transformation is done when you have one-on-one coaching. Taking my online training course is GREAT. Skyrocket success lands when you land with a coach to SLAM dunk your life into MOTION. 

The ORGASM of mental health. Life by its very nature is going to kick everyone in the balls. Man balls. Lady balls. Everybody is going to get kicked in the balls. The mindset and tools that support you in the now and in the future. 

This is about ROI. A return on your investment. You'll know exactly what’s happening in your psyche that is blocking you from being UNLEASHED. Be fully present in your body and mind to give your GIFTS room. Your kids need this. You need this. Your clients and patients need this too. You have The Cure Now. 

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  • Six 90-min weekly sessions
  • Self-Love Therapy Program training
  • Fun weekly self-love videos and audios
  • Monthly money manifest videos
  • Lifestyle care, strategies, and mindset exercises 
  • Health, nutrition, and fitness videos
  • Mediations, gentle body care training, and love webinars
  • Bonuses 
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  • Six 90-min sessions
  • Self-Love Therapy Program training
  • Fun weekly self-love videos and audios
  • Monthly money manifest videos
  • Lifestyle care, strategies, and mindset exercises 
  • Health, nutrition, and fitness videos
  • Mediations, gentle body care training, and love webinars
  • Bonuses 
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