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"Ciao." {Course}

Sitting with myself and at times sitting with a professional and an expert in trauma to contribute to my personal illness of being available for unavailable people. 

Even if they were kind, sweet, loving, and gentle souls.

If I was open to being available to them and they were too busy with their goals, or being on their phone, or just tuning me (my energy) out because they were stuck in silent treatment mode - if I was available and they weren’t regardless of reason, then I hadn’t changed. 

I deserved respect and I deserved someone available. 

In my journey of creating The Cure, I developed the framework as I was in the process of facilitating the journey for myself.

The only way to ensure that this framework would be able to offer the same results to others was to ask participants to join my research in proving that the framework can produce the same results. 

Finding more cures for our internal processes is my life-long research.

Curing the Self through self-modification is a component that I’m forever grateful to be able to know, practice, and share with the world. 

We use my amazing and fun 'Ciao Framework.’

Say Goodbye. Say good ridden to this God forsaken alignment. 

Say Goodbye to attracting and entertaining people who are unavailable at the core of who they are or who they are and will be with you. 

Healing is serious business, but we can also have fun with the process too. 

We’re bring life back into your bones, your energy, your mind, your heart, and within the vibration of who you are. You will Never Be the Same. Ever Again. 

I guarantee it.  

This framework is available on-demand.

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