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Who Is This For

  • Where do I fit in this whole field of coaches?
  • For people who have been in a lot of online courses and programs and masterminds and are ready to step into their own container as the expert
  • You are the thing. You’re doing things that have not existed. Specialized teachings.
  • You have a super unique style 
  • You're ready to dominate what you’re doing in your lane
  • Strengthening your space and platform
  • Would like a mentor to honor and support your unique coaching and style
  • Have lost your voice in previous masterminds, programs, and courses
  • You don’t need to stay in my container. You need me to help you create your own container
  •  You have your own path 

Boss Goals 

  • Strengthening your sense of self in your craft.
  • Define yourself with confidence 
  • Connection
  • Honor your own voice, your own uniqueness
  • Create your own energetic container that your clients can step into
  •  Encouraging individuality and uniqueness 
  • Create a business model that is a compliment to your soul's journey and your lifestyle needs
  • Define yourself and embody your own power
  • Witness you in your craft 
  •  Bonding
  •  Run a smooth business and make lots of money
  • Experience Radical Self-Love
  • Create a 2022 plan that you can execute with ease
  • Feel empowered and freedom

A 2022 Business Mentorship

Become a MAGNETIC WOMAN with golden sun eyes.

Are you looking for a mentor and coach that can help you show up in your business in a NEW and FRESH way? Someone who can love your business and give you the tools and skills that take you to the top?

Someone who can teach you the ways of your own heart by bringing you closer and closer to soul. Your Soul. 

I had a fire inside of me. A craving. One that wouldn't go away. My soul wanted out and my soul desired for me to step into my highest version of self.

I also wanted to have a good time. This NEXT LEVEL needed to be one that I enjoyed. An experience that made me FEEL GOOD DAILY. Nothing less was allowed. It was time to enjoy my business, enjoy God, my family, and most of all - enjoy myself. And make lots of CASH.

A Woman's Prayer To God About Her Business

I give my business to you. I don’t want to give energy to figuring things out anymore. I want peace and ease. I don’t want to beat my head to a drum. I don’t want to figure things out with difficulty. I want some easy peasey experience. I don’t want to fight to figure things out. I want you to help me. I want you to send me a mentor and a coach that can treat my business with respect and love. Someone who will love my business as their own. Someone that can give me guidance and lead me to my vision and my core. To help me unfold the path to my great work, to you, to us, to humanity.

Life has already given me things to overcome. Can this be the one thing that expands my mind and my being when I engage, rather than it be a hard and difficult road. Give me the peace, give me the patience, and give me the wisdom to give myself inner upgrades, to build my dream life, and to understand that I can take leaps and that sometimes it’s good to just take one step at a time. Give me peace when it’s time to leap. Give me peace when it’s time to take it step by step. I honor you. I honor me. I honor the people that I am meant to serve.

Let us all come together and bring forth the healing and the power of God to SELF and to ALL mankind. I AM READY FOR THE POWER OF GOD TO FULFILL THE CALLING OF MY SOUL. TO TOUCH NATIONS WITH MY GIFTS AND MY TALENTS. I am ready. I am willing. I am able. And so it is. Amen. 

The Truth Is...

This was my prayer. I wanted to help humanity, take care of my family, and enjoy my life. Spend, give, and keep. Was that so hard? Did it have to be a difficult ride? Not. It didn't. I found an easier way. I found a more peaceful way. Life has already brought me through a lot of things. I was and am okay with not so easy, but it doesn't have to be so hard. 

I'm really just trying to take it easy these days. I want to make money with peace and ease. If you know this is the way for you, if you know that this is the true path for you to run your business, then continue reading. 


Are These Questions Something You'd Like To Explore?

  • How do I find my fire?
  • How do I show up in a way that makes me $5000k this week?
  • How do I want to run my business?
  • What makes me feel good?
  • What is my sales method? What would I like it to be?
  • What do I want to sell? 
  • How can I make this easy?

Speak Your Truth - Business Goal Embodiment 

It's time to speak your truth from where you are standing right now. Let me explain. I once visited my mom in another city. I brought my laptop with me. I also was in a transition in my business and creative work. I sat in her backyard and overlooked the countryside. The cows walked by and I thought, "I work from different cities. I travel and work from different cities."

At that moment I spoke my truth allowed. Just like that, I stepped into a different mindset. Even though I didn't intentionally go to another city just to set up my landing page for an offer; but I realized that I was working remotely. I mean, I even had a part-time temp job, took a vacation, and went to visit my mom.  

I was now sitting in the countryside and enjoying my view and my coffee. I closed my eyes and embodied my current state of being. Closed my eyes, took multiple deep breaths and felt and took it all in. I stretched my neck and back while sitting and meditated for what probably was about 40 seconds. I recently went to visit her and had a similar experience. Under different circumstances of course, and it was truly liberating.

Embody the current state. Step into a different mindset by realizing where you are is tapping into or experiencing the thing very thing that you desire. Even if it is on a smaller scale, or even if you don't do it that often. It is still happening and you can embody that NOW. That's one skill to getting to the top. 

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BOSS Program
Part 1: Goal Embodiment

What Will You Walk Away With?

  • Being, embodying who you really are
  • Walking in your true purpose and nature
  • Showing up as the badass businesswoman that you are
  • Engage the fire within you to create the business, the money, the flow, and the ‘yes' of it all - that you were meant to be
  • Create products and services that support your vision and lifestyle
  • Receive advice on life, love, dating, family, health, and business
  • Say yes, to the fire inside of you.
  • Get plugged into the fire and the juiciness of you.
  • You are an energetic match already for what is supposed to come through you.
  • You are an energetic match for what you want to come into your space.
  • Operating in your true power and full potential
  • Operate from your own fire. From your own voice.
  • Ideal Soul Sales Plan
  • Weekly Money Action Steps
  • Elevate your Self, your money, your business, and go after your goals
  • Allow God to help you see things differently
  • Crush your 2022 business and self-love goals

BOSS 4-part Series 

Welcome to BOSS! Here you'll find my 4-part series. The BOSS program is designed to give you weekly training access in our portal, as well as sessions that will help your MASSIVE Goals for 2022. BOSS is a year-long program. You can switch plans at any time. 

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BOSS Program
Part 2: A Gift To Self
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BOSS Program
Part 3: Your FULL Potential
Kt5tnslvrwoe6gmllarq file
BOSS Program
Part 4: Sex, Sexuality, and Desire

Start Date: January 23, 2022 

Hello, Angel! We're getting started on the CEO Vibe of 2022. I would like to welcome you to BOSS! Here is where you thrive with a great level of support, love, empathy, structure, and free-flowing ease. I cannot wait to dive into your dream business and dream life and help you make it unfold this NEW year. 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

From relationships, love, sales, self-love, marketing, and business strategies, this mentorship is dedicated to meeting your life goals for 2022. 

As a special gift, enter this special code 'BOSS' when clicking below to receive access by choosing our GOLD membership. You can upgrade anytime. Welcome to BOSS! I'm excited to get started on building your dream life this NEW Year! 

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