Peace With Self


Peace With Self

Peace with the SELF starts with transparency. If you can be honest with your SELF about your truths, your way of thinking and being, your joy, your anguish, your rage, your fear, your happiness or what your relationship with LOVE looks like - then you can be left with comfort. There is comfort in peace. Peace in knowing who you are, even if you don’t know where you’re going.

In your journey you will find opportunities to be an observer of the SELF. You are not to be judge or jury, but are to act as a Self-Love Offical and only observe your movements. When you are a judge you create space to stay hindered, and you may hope for more but feel slow in movement or stuck. What if you became an observer of the SELF? As an observer you automatically walk in LOVE, and in that space you are LOVE. And love breeds flow of MOVEMENT. 

Since you are the manager of the SELF it is your duty to report any mishaps or hinderances to The Self for evaluation. You then make the changes that need to be made and you keep moving!

Forgiveness of the SELF is a liberating state and allows you to move forward with ease. If ever not dealt with, it can cause a sickness of the spirit. You deserve the best that you can offer.

Meditation is the link to hearing what your higher self is saying, needing, thinking and feeling. This link is a connection to all that’s needed to assist you in your journey. Learn to meditate and don’t give up. There are 5 basic mediation styles. Learn each one in a one-on-one session with me; and start building a solid foundation with your SELF today. Each meditation style serves a different purpose and you’ll meditate with more ease. 

So let’s recap some important tools in the Peace With Self.

  • Transparency in all things big and small
  • You are the manager of the SELF
  • You are only to be an observer
  • Love breeds change
  • Forgiveness of the SELF liberates your spirit and prepares you for movement
  • Meditation is the link to what your higher SELF is saying

Remember that patience and courage are necessary ingredients that help achieve the required results. 

If you’re longing for help to have Peace with the Self, and you’re ready for a change - send me a message and receive your Complimentary Discovery Session

With Love....

Your Life + Love Coach,

Dr. E