LOVE Looks Different Each Time It Reveals Itself....

love and relationships

Love is so unique in its design. It varies on the make up of the person who ‘is love' and the other person’s make up of their particular evolution of love. Within each unique design we find flaws or challenges, along with its beauty; and fathom its cost - if lost. Perfectly imperfect and perfectly perfect can love find its own melody. 

Love requires truth about who you are and where you want to be, and who you want to be with or around. Love requires freedom to choose and have it or them choose you. 

Wait on the balance of things and the balance of things will be of value to you. Work on your frequency and remind yourself that you are attracting a different frequency of people, places and things. 

This is your act of service to yourself as you evolve and mature in your way of thinking.

Give yourSELF over to LOVE so it can bring about peace of mind and body. Your higher self is longing for this truth and FREEDOM and you will honor it by walking in love not only toward others but toward your SELF.

So then we are left in the scheme of things. And the scheme of things is our Freedom to Love once more.

Sending you love + light!

Your Smart Love Moves Coach,