Stress Management and Planning

stress management


My professor asked me a question and here was my response. Please copy/paste what may be on service to you.

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Dr. Grenier,

Developing a strategic foundational plan for stress management should be considered for multiple scenarios. I believe planning for stress can be of service to one’s self. Here are some prime examples below.

If someone is experiencing stress in any of these categories they can alleviate some of their discomfort(s) by applying these action steps.

Overwhelmed by task

    •    Make a list

    •    Schedule time to complete task

    •    Delegate any task that can be delegated

    •    Check task off of the list (Use the Swipes App on phone and laptop)

    •    Allow and be open to some task rolling over to the next day (if applicable)

Health Concerns

    •    Speak to a practitioner and consider options.

    •    Conduct own research online to bring to your doctor’s appointment.

    •    Receive and 2nd and 3rd professional opinion. 

    •    Seek emotional support from at least 3 people.

    •    Keep a journal to document thoughts and feelings and process as well as progress.

    •    Mediation and breathing exercises are of use to ease discomfort.

    •    Healthy eating: Create an easy to use and easy to follow meal-plan for the week.

    •    Stay hydrated and have times of rest and relaxation.

    •    Go for walks and experience the outside environment with ease.


    •    Allow time and give energy to mental and emotional processing.

    •    Be patient and kind with the healing process.

    •    Allow time to cry, become angry, and voice concerns with safe friends, family and a professional. 

    •    Keep a journal to document thoughts and feelings. Process truth on paper. 

    •    Have therapeutic sessions with yourself in private where you talk to the person, although they are unable to hear you and respond.

    •    Watch and listen to shows, videos, or entertainment programs that offer laughter and joy.

    •    Spend quality time with people, places, and things that offer support, joy and bright new experiences. 

    •    After some time has passed, allow yourself the love and care to push yourself and or give yourself a little nudge toward moving on and forward.

I believe that stress often seems like jumbled thoughts and feelings. When a plan is offered and or a default (run to) method is available, execution of movement is in order. Heightened emotions are then inclined to subside.

Thank you for the link, Dr. Grenier!

With Gratitude,